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Bikie laws fighting fund ‘urgent’

Shaun1A man with tattoos and riders with commemorative charity ride patches have been refused service in a Queensland pub and restaurant fearing they are bikies, according to Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard (pictured).
He says these incidents have created a “sense of urgency” about their fighting fund to challenge the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws.
The AMC has now finalised bank red tape and set up the fund with donations already coming in.
“I hope to have an idea of how much has been raised by noon tomorrow and I hope to have a weekly update of money raised,” Shaun says.
The money will be used solely to support any challenge to the raft of anti-bikie laws introduced by the Queensland Government last month.
Shaun says he believes motorcycle clubs will arrange fundraising events to donate money to the fighting fund.
“I have no idea what will come in, but we want to be quite open about it,” he says.
“If we find we are getting a reasonable amount of money coming in it will send out a positive message to the community of the level of support against these laws.”
Shaun says a High Court challenge to the Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment (VLAD) Act or the  amended Tattoo Parlour or Criminal Law acts could cost as much as $350,000 to $500,000.
A previous High Court challenge to NSW bikie laws cost $380,000.
Shaun says all money in the account will be used to fight the laws and only bank fees would be deducted.  The account will be closed on June 2016 unless the challenge is still ongoing.
Donations can be made by online transfer, branch desposit, cheque or money order. Shaun says they are also working on an online PayPal option which should be up and running this week.
Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the AMC at PO Box 21122, Little Lonsdale St, 8011.
Name of account: Australian Motorcycle Council
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 065005
Account: 10366548

These are the rules for the AMC’s fighting fund account to collect donations to support any High Court action against the Queensland laws introduced on 17 October 2013:
1. All monies donated up until 30 June 2016 are quarantined to support High Court action against the new Queensland laws introduced on 17 October 2013, subject to all the following additional rules 2-8.
2. All interest earned on monies donated is retained in the fund.
3. There is no provision for donations to the fund to be refunded.
4. Approval for any expenditure from the fund must be given by at least 80% vote (4 of 5 at the time the fund is established) of AMC executive members (or their replacement/s as per Rule 6).
5. Any balance remaining in the account as at 30 June 2016 will be retained for the purposes of Rule 1 if High Court action remains underway, or may be otherwise allocated if approved as per Rule 4.
6. If any executive member is directly involved with any High Court challenge, they will not take part in any decision on fund expenditure, and will replaced by an AMC member delegate chosen by the remaining executive members.
7. The AMC’s financial support for any action is limited to the monies held in the fund.
8. None of the above rules can be altered. Additional rules may be added, but they cannot contradict any of the above.

On October 15,  the Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie introduced three Acts into the Queensland Legislative Assembly which were passed within hours.
The Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) Amendment Bill 2013 creates a number of new classes of crime, making it illegal to take part in any kind of activity related to an outlaw motorcycle club and ensure that members of these clubs are punished more harshly for various crimes than other offenders.
The Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 makes it illegal for bikies to own tattoo parlours or wear their club colours in pubs.
The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013 specifies a list of bikie gangs that are now illegal and a list of their premises that are now proscribed.

  1. There are indications that some of these 1% Clubs are very well cashed up & have substantial assets , much more than the amount mentioned above to fund a High Court case ( which , by the way , I agree with ) , BUT , and its a big BUT , I don’t think that everyday motorcyclists should be contributing to any significant degree when the ‘ declared clubs ‘ have more than adequate resources to fund the challenge themselves , after all , it is them ( at least in the immediate future ) that stand to lose the most ( I.E their way of life ) . Say the top 6 Clubs from the 25 listed ( discounting the non existent Scorpions ) have 2000 members between them ( Nationally ) , that’s only $200 per member to confront this challenge to their existence .

  2. We have enough laws to deal with Criminals. The Premier’s agenda now extends to changing OUR court system to a “WE know ALL Bikers are Crooks!” SYSTEM, implying that OUR Court System will be modified to accommodate this presumption and eliminate the need for EVIDENCE, giving the DPP a big wide net they could be throwing over us ALL without a thread of proof of ANY crime! There are almost 700,000 registered Motorbikes in Queensland, a big guess perhaps, under threat, of unlawful detainment, discrimination, harassment, strip searches, humiliation, ANY tattoos photographed, on the roadside if necessary . . . . but wait a minute, what was the crime? No breach of the peace, No controversy, No crime, No evidence, No Corpus Delecti! So insane are these NEWMANAZI’s that a group of peaceful teens were harassed at a train station, interrogated as to whether they were members of a Bikie club with the officers listing all the Clubs they could think of, when the teens responded repeatedly “NO we are not” the police officers asked if they were BMX BIKERS! They were Serious! Anyone who says, ” I have nothing to hide, the Cops can pull me over all they like!”, would want to check their wardrobe for tee shirts with skulls, Sons of Anarchy, Motorcycle Shop Brand names, Motorcycle Brand names, rebellious logos or any other Cult logo, like Nike, Jim Beam, Call of Duty, or Rocky Horror, and don’t wear these on your Bike or in the pub either! When you get pulled over for NOT breaking any laws and get bent over naked while they take pictures on the side of the road, don’t cry me a river because you didn’t think these laws could affect you, and didn’t give a shit that your mates were suffering and didn’t get in and support them either. I don’t own a BIKE of ANY kind, I don’t have a Motorcycle License, but I am a Queenslander, and these laws are ANTI Queenslanders! ANTI HUMAN! This is NOT someone else s problem, it will affect us all. We need to collectively pull our heads out of our sun drenched coastlines of sand just long enough to stop this Newmanazi Party from pulling Queensland and any Rights we had left from under our feet. Publicans, Police Officers, Checkout Operators, Truck-drivers, Motorcycle Riders, Grandmothers to Teenagers, Pensioners to millionaires, journalists, Medical Practitioners, Coal Miners, Musicians, Judges, Football players, City Councillors whoever you are, if you chose Queensland or were born here, she needs you now! These are Dark times indeed. I will not consent to treating even a criminal this way, for the simple reason that EVERYONE IS INNOCENT BEFORE PROVEN GUILTY. And THAT means everything to me!

  3. Whilst it may or may not be true that some 1% Clubs may be cashed up (You could probably discount anything the Police or Government has said by a factor of 100) most club members have jobs not as a ruse but to pay the bills & feed their families. This state after state legislation is meant to financially break all clubs and take away all Australians rights in the process. Freedom is worth fighting for but it always comes at a cost. I am heartened that other Australians like me believe that Freedom and The Australian belief in a fair go equally for everyone is still alive. Apathy will shackle us all just as it did in Nazi Germany, As they say Freedom is Lost When Good People Do Nothing. The media have not done their moral job to provide unbiased opinion and factual journalism opting instead to write the biased will of their masters,
    I have a moral obligation to support this fund or any others for my children & grandchildren.

  4. To Chris L and anyone else who thinks the same this is not about the bikies but rights and freedom for all Australians.

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