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Bikie builders still in dark on new laws

Riders at VLAD protest rally - vlad laws
Riders at an anti-VLAD protest rally

Builders who are also members of declared criminal bikie clubs will lose their jobs from July unless they quit the club.

However, the Queensland Government has yet to detail how the licensing restrictions will work and how the builders have to prove they are no longer club members.

That is despite postponing the licensing restrictions by 12 months.Anti-vlad vest vlad laws  - bikie

The new arrangements were postponed just two weeks before they were to come into force in July 2014, yet six months later builders are still no clearer on how the system will work.

However, the Queensland Government claims the system will still go aead in July – that is if they retain power in the state elections at the end of this month.

The Electrical Trades Union says the licensing restrictions are unfair and could cause innocent people to lose their jobs.

They were to launch a High Court challenge to the new laws, but have been advised by their legal counsel they should wait for a member to lose their job first.

In a similar vein, the High Court challenge to the Queensland’s Government draconian Vicious Lawless Associates Disassociation (VLAD) laws was thrown out because the nominated bikie could not show he had not been affected by the laws.