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BikeVis Bullets V2

BikeVis Bullets V2 LED Running Lights

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Review Summary

The new BikeVis Bullets V2 are claimed to be twice as bright as the originals.

And the original BikeVis Bullets LED running lights are still one of our favorite motorcycle accessories.

The V2 Bullets are the same size as the originals, but an upgraded LED light and a tweaked manufacturing procedure makes the BikeVis Bullets V2 definitely brighter…and even better.

The BikeVis Bullets V2 LED visibility lights or daytime running lights are the latest version of an ingenious motorcycle lighting accessory.

Regular webBikeWorld readers will recall that the original BikeVis Bullets (review) were small (approx. 25 mm), bright LED lights that could be mounted on the front of a motorcycle to improve its visibility to oncoming traffic (i.e., car-driving zombies).

At one Watt each (72 mA), the BikeVis Bullets V2 LEDs need only a miniscule amount of power and they’re relatively easy to install.

Of course, the only thing better than a small, lightweight and brilliant LED running light is having it “twinkle”. So adding a BikeVis PodMod Modulator (review) gives the Bullets even more visibility.

And if you really want to go wild ‘n’ crazy (and risk getting nipped by da Man), try the Blue BikeVis Bullets (review) to stand out even more.

Whichever version you choose, BikeVis lights have proven to be very popular with motorcycle riders around the world, and BikeVis even has a new auxiliary red LED light kit for the rear of the bike.

It works with a special “Tail Brake Converter” that causes the red BikeVis Bullets to flash on and off with the brake lights.

BikeVis recently developed a new version of the original LED lights and the BikeVis Bullets V2 are here. I installed them on the Suzuki DR650 (blog) project bike, so let’s take a quick photographic tour.

BikeVis Bullets V2

BikeVis Bullets V2 Close-up Size Comparison
The original BikeVis Bullet LED light is shown on the left with the new BikeVis Bullet V2 on the right. The housing is the same size but the LED has been upgraded and a new manufacturing process has been developed for epoxying it into the housing. The epoxy now covers the entire front of the Bullet.
BikeVis Bullets V2 LED Lights Size Comparison
The original BikeVis Bullet on the left, compared to the V2 on the right. These were mounted in the front vent of the Multistrada 620. We took a video to compare the difference, but somehow the original video files went missing, so we’re left with photographs only.
BikeVis Bullets V2 Size Comparison
A comparison of the original BikeVis Bullet on the left with the new BikeVis Bullets V2 on the right. The V2 light definitely looks bigger and brighter when viewing the bike head-on at a distance. The BikeVis Bullets have a very wide viewing angle, which increases their visibility to oncoming traffic.
BikeVis Bullets V2 LED Lights Cable Close-up
The wiring still comes out the bottom of the housing on the BikeVis Bullets V2, making it somewhat difficult to mount the lights if you’re not fond of drilling through your bike’s fairing. BikeVis said they’re working on a new design that would feed the wire out the back of the molding. The green material covers the double-sided tape used to mount the lights.
BikeVis Bullets V2 Mounted on DR650
I mounted the BikeVis Bullets V2 on top of the excellent light brackets that hold the amazing Clearwater Krista LED driving lights (review). The double-sided tape on the bottom of the BikeVis Bullet housing didn’t stick to the “crinkle” paint on the light bracket, so I used a dab of epoxy instead and they’re holding tight. While I was at it, I installed an HID conversion kit and LED turn signals all the way around and I’ll repot on both of those lights soon.

Wiring the BikeVis Bullets

All of the details on installing the BikeVis Bullets is included in the original BikeVis Bullets reviewand the procedure hasn’t changed the BikeVis Bullets V2.

The Bullets have just two wires, a ground and a power feed.

The wiring must be connected to the headlights or other “powered on” wiring in your motorcycle. It’s pretty simple once you locate the correct wire and, of course, use our Posi-Lock Posi-Taps, Posi-Lock Connectors or Posi-Twist connectors to do the job!

Be sure to include a PodMod modulator, which “twinkles” the lights and improves the visibility even more.

Anyone with very modest wire cutting and splicing skills — and a selection of Posi-Locks! — should have no problem installing the BikeVis lights.

As I mentioned in previous reviews, one of the really nice features of the Suzuki DR650 (blog) is that it’s so easy to work on. The fuel tank and small front fairing remove quickly and easily and everything is right out in the open, including all of the wiring for the headlight.

I installed an HID headlight and LED turn signals while I was in there wiring the BikeVis Bullets, and I’ll report on those soon also in the DR650 Blog.

BikeVis Bullets V2 Mounted on DR650 Close-up
Close-up of the BikeVis Bullet V2 mounted on the Clearwater light bracket. The housing hangs off the back of the bracket because I didn’t want to drill through it to accommodate the BikeVis wire that extends out the bottom of the housing.

BikeVis Bullets in Action

The light from the new BikeVis Bullets V2 LEDs is definitely brighter and more noticeable, yet it doesn’t overwhelm oncoming drivers like a high beam or other types of driving lights.

The idea is to add some extra visibility to the front of the motorcycle so oncoming traffic sees the bike at a greater distance and can also judge its approach speed.

This is why it’s important to mount the BikeVis Bullets (or any other type of visibility light) as wide as possible on the front of the bike. The width helps improve depth perception for oncoming traffic.

The twinkling effect provided by the PodMod modulator also adds quite a bit to the visibility effect. It’s not an on/off device; it creates a sort of “twinkle” effect that draws attention without dazzling the oncoming traffic.

I usually set the big Clearwater Krista LED driving lights on their lowest setting also and the BikeVis Bullets V2 add a lot of visibility.

Note in the photo below, the new HID headlight throws a very “white” light that is about the same color temperature as the Clearwater Krista lights. The BikeVis Bullets V2 have a slight blue tint, which helps make them stand out.

BikeVis Bullets V2 Brightness
The Clearwater Krista LED driving lights with the BikeVis Bullets V2 mounted on top of the bracket. Note the slightly different tint compared to the Clearwater lights and the new HID headlight conversion shown in this photo.


The BikeVis Bullets V2 are a real improvement over the originals, making a good thing even better.

These may well be the “perfect” motorcycle daytime running light or visibility light, because they work really well, they’re very small, the draw a minimum amount of current and they add a certain coolness factor to the bike.

More information about motorcycle lighting and LED lights can be found on the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Lights page and the LED Motorcycle Lights page.

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From “K.S.” (July 2012): “I was also pleasantly surprised with the bright performance of the V2 BikeVis LEDs, and the company’s service.

I have used a pair of V1 BikeVis bullets for a little more than a year on my bike, to provide a forward-facing light triangle. One of the lights malfunctioned recently, a few months out of warranty (behaved like an intermittent open circuit inside the Bullet).

I advised the company of this issue, and in a couple weeks, a new pair of V2 lights was in my mailbox.

It was good to hear that they improved the manufacturing and epoxy process. So hopefully the new lights should last much longer, in this vibration-intensive environment.”