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Benzina launches Italian motorcycle style

Benzina motorcycle gear

Benzina is a fledgling motorcycle accessories brand that has launched exclusively on the new MotorbikeWriter shop site.

The Brisbane-based brand will feature an array of innovative and stylish products from non-scratch keyrings to numberplate holders that guard against theft.

Benzina means “fuel” in Italian. The brand is the brainchild of an Italian immigrant who has worked in the automotive industry (mainly European cars, motorcycles and scooters) for 30+ years. 

The industry veteran has long wanted to establish his own brand of stylish and innovative motorcycle and scooter products.

Benzina is starting with leather keyrings and a wallet. However, they will soon add stylish leather jackets, motorcycle gloves and even a classy numberplate holder.

Benzina motorcycle leather jacket

Numberplate theft is rife around the world with tens of thousands stolen every year in Australia.

This clever invention features a base plate which can be secured in any position thanks to its many sighting dimples for screw holes.

That allows you to drop it down, or lift it up above the present plate position. Benzina motorcycle secure number plate holder

Then, screw your number plate to the base plate using the special snap-off screws, leaving a blunt end that thieves cannot undo.

Not only that, but it tidies up your bike’s rear end and prevents you scratching your hands when cleaning around the plate.

The plates will be coming soon at just $29.95. They can be painted exactly the same colour as your bike, or you can have them in black or a chrome look. You can also add a $4.95 branded decal for your model or a “Live to Ride” logo.

They come with normal screws, but you can buy anti-theft screws for an extra $4.95. Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting product soon.

Benzina will also be producing stylish, well-made leather jackets with CE-approved armour for just $290 and well-crafted, fashionable leather gloves with knuckle protectors for $50.Benzina motorcycle gloves

Meanwhile, you can buy their keyrings and wallets through our online shop.

Benzina motorcycle keyrings ($19.95 plus postage): Click here to buyBenzina motorcycle keyrings

These keyrings make your bike look stylish without scratching the tank or triple clamp. They are made from cow leather and feature fine stitching and fused ends so they don’t fray. They are embossed with the Benzina logo. The two pieces of leather are stuffed with foam so it has a high-quality padded feel. They are finished off with silver-coated sturdy metal ring and holder that pivots so the keyring sits flat and doesn’t stand up in the air. You can choose from chocolate, tan or caramel. Tell us if you’d also like Joe to make them in black. (

Benzina motorcycle wallet ($49 plus postage): Click here to buyBenzina motorcycle wallet

There is nothing worse than a bulky wallet in your back trouser pocket or jacket when you are riding. This streamlined motorcycle wallet is made of finely dimpled chocolate-brown cow leather, so it is thin. It’s a nice streamlined design that will fit the essentials: some cash, a credit card, your motorcycle club card and a medical emergency card. Keep all the other stuff in your main wallet and use this when you’re out for a ride. There is also a small coin pouch inside and the outside is embossed with a classy Benzina logo. Tell us if you’d also like Joe to make them in black. ( motorcycle wallet