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Baxley Sport Chock

Baxley Sport Chock Review

Review Summary

The Baxley Sport Chock is a super-solid, heavy-duty motorcycle stand that is made in the U.S.A.

This is the most secure front wheel chock we’ve found so far and it’s as handy as ever in the garage.

It’s also designed to work in a pickup truck bed for transporting your motorcycle and it can be combined with a rear swingarm stand for even more versatility.

Baxley just announced a dramatic price reduction, which makes the Sport Chock an excellent bargain.

We’ve reviewed many different motorcycle front wheel chocks, stands, rear swingarm stands and even wheel rollers over the years.

But somehow, we missed the Baxley Sport Chock, one of the most popular motorcycle wheel chocks in the U.S.A.

Baxley Trailer Company makes a series of wheel chocks that can fit everything from tiny scooters (the Scooter Chock) up to big cruisers and big touring bikes.

That includes Big Boys like the BMW K1200LT or the new BMW K1600GT (info) and everything in between (the LA Chock).

They also make a variety of unique motorcycle trailers with floors that drop to the ground, which makes it very easy to load a motorcycle…or two.

Hopefully, one of these days we’ll get one of those for a review also.

All of the Baxley products are made right here in the U.S.A., which is a surprise, although it shouldn’t be.

How and why we lost so many of our American manufacturers and the jobs they created and the wealth they generated is a sad and complex story, way out of the realm of webBikeWorld subject matter.

But let’s at least celebrate that fact that you can still buy a product with that “just like they used to make ’em” quality.

Baxley Sport Chock With Motorcycle
Side view of the Ducati Multistrada 620 (Blog) in the Baxley Sport Chock.

The Baxley Sport Chock

The Sport Chock is named for its intended purpose: holding the front wheel of a modern sportbike.

It’s designed to fit the near-standard 120 mm wide, 17 inch diameter front wheel used on dozens of different motorcycles and it will also fit the (now rare) 16″ front wheel size.

Don’t forget though — even motorcycles as large and as varied as the BMW K1200LT and the Harley-Davidson V-Rod have a 120/17 front tire, and the Sport Chock will work for them also.

Baxley says the Sport Chock will fit the Honda Gold Wing, with its odd 130/70R-18 front tire size.

If you’re into cruisers, the Baxley LA Chock has more adjustments and it can fit everything from the wider front tires found on cruisers to many other different types of motorcycles.

But by focusing on the sportbike and the 120/17 tire, Baxley has been able to design the Sport Chock to be one of the most secure front wheel stands available.

We noticed this immediately the first time we rolled a bike into the rotating wheel cup.

The patented design of the Sport Chock and the geometry of the welded steel frame allow the bike to be wheeled up and over and into the stand with surprising ease.

It doesn’t take much effort, unlike some of the other front wheel chocks we’ve used, which require a hard push on the bike to get it up and over.

The amount of force required can then sometimes push the wheel chock forward and away from the bike, just when you want it to stay put.

This phenomenon is visible in some of the videos included in our front wheel chock reviews (which are listed in the right-hand column).

The heavy steel frame of the Sport Chock also helps; it weighs 24 pounds and it’s beautifully welded and assembled.

It sits flat on the floor, again unlike some of the other wheel chocks we’ve reviewed, and this is also important for keeping the bike upright and steady when you’re working on it.

The design of the Sport Chock, with its deep rotating wheel cup and front “V” shaped saddle, helps to keep the bike steady, as you can see in the video below. The wheel cups move together as the wheel enters the chock, which squeezes the front tire to keep the bike secure.

A rear swingarm stand can also be used with the Sport Chock if desired; this raises the rear wheel for maintenance or chain cleaning and lubing.

Our trusty old Steel Horse swingarm stand (review) works nicely with the Sport Chock, and this is also illustrated in the video.

The Sport Chock has a small “hook” shaped safety latch on the left-hand side that rotates to fit into one of the cutouts in the rotating wheel cup.

It’s designed to prevent the wheel cup from rotating backward and it works in that role, but it would be nice if would lock more securely on to the wheel cup for transport.

Baxley Sport Chock on Front Wheel
Close-up of the Baxley Sport Chock holding the front wheel of the Multistrada.

Using the Sport Chock in a Pickup Truck

The Baxley Sport Chock is also designed to fit flush against the front of a pickup truck bed.

This may seem like an obvious feature, but it isn’t; several other motorcycle chocks are made with an angle at the front that makes it more difficult to keep the chock secure in a pickup truck.

The Sport Chock will sit flush to the front of the bed and a couple of ratchet straps will secure the bike, pulling it down and into the chock and thus the right angle made by the floor and the front of the pickup bed.

Throw a couple of straps on the back for good measure and you’ll have a secure motorcycle transport system without having to permanently mount the chock. Of course, getting the bike up on to the pickup bed is another matter altogether…

Here are a few more photos of the Baxley Sport Chock, along with the video and a special bonus just for fun a quick 3D video of the Sport Chock in action.

Break out your red/blue 3D glasses and take a look!

Baxley Sport Chock Adjustability
The Sport Chock has one adjustment for 16″ to 18″ tires.
Baxley Sport Chock Wheel Cup Lock
Safety latch on the left-hand side of the Sport Chock prevents the wheel cup from moving during transport.
wBW Video: Baxley Sport Chock
wBW Video: Just for Fun: Baxley Sport Chock in 3D! (Requires red/cyan glasses).


The Baxley Sport Chock is the most solid and secure feeling front chock we’ve tried so far.

A good front wheel chock is a very handy tool to have in the garage, especially for sportbike owners and the proven and patented design of the Baxley product, with its 24 pounds of American-made steel, make this the front wheel chock to have.

And it gets even better: Baxley just lowered the price by an amazing $61.00 on the Sport Chock, so on top of everything else, it’s a screaming deal!

wBW Review: Baxley Sport Chock Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock
Manufacturer: Baxley Trailer Company, Inc. List Price (2012): $189.00 + Shipping. ($10.00 extra for colors).
Colors: Red or colors. Made In: U.S.A.
Review Date: December 2011
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Note from Baxley (January 2012):  “Thanks so much for taking the time to review our product. We strive to make the best possible trailers and chocks in the World, and do so right here in the U.S.A.

We are not compromising quality or workmanship in any way. Not only are we lowering prices on the chocks, but we’re lowering our trailer prices by 20-30 percent as well. Check our website or just give us a call for more information.”

From “G.C.” (April 2015): “FYI, these things are treacherous. The cup thing will flip up by itself, and when I push the FJR in by hand, I can’t see past the fairing. It’s also done it trying to drive the bike in.

The front tire bounces really hard because you need momentum to get over the “hump”.

One time, my hand was rammed into the tool pegboard trying to save the bike, and I needed 5 stitches. Another time, the mirror put a huge hole in the wall and a saddlebag got gouged.

I’ve ordered one of the WheelDock wheel chock (review) units based on your review. I’ll see how that one goes.”

Editor’s Reply: I think the biggest problem with any of the front wheel chocks is when using a bike with a fairing that blocks the view.

A heavy bike with fairing is even more difficult. You pretty much need to see the chock as you’re pushing the bike in or it’s difficult.

It shouldn’t take much of a push to get it in the chock, it’s a matter of practice I think helps. Again though, a heavy bike and a big fairing are not good to practice with.

Also, the chock needs to be on a floor with a lot of “friction” that will serve as a firm base for the chock; if the chock moves when the wheel hits it, that’s dangerous also.

From “P.P.” (December 2011):  “I agree with you review of the Baxley Sport Chock. I’ve had one for several years and have used it in the garage and on a trailer for a Honda ST1300, Yamaha FJR and BMW R1200RT.

The Chock is well made and a clever design. The clamshell motion clamps the front tire securely and doesn’t require adjusting over a range of common tire sizes.

It takes a bit of a tug to get a heavy bike, like the ST1300, out of the Chock, but the loading and unloading operation is an easy one-man job.

For trailering, a couple of tie-downs at the rear of a bike are probably enough with the Baxley holding the front wheel, but I’ve used a bar harness or tie-downs at the front for extra security.

There are cheaper chocks out there, but the Baxley is worth the price, especially at the new price. They make a terrific trailer, too, but it’s priced out of my reach. Too bad.”