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Badass Motorcycle Art by starvin_artist 28

When you think of motorcycle riding, it’s natural to picture a tough guy riding a bike. However, there’s tons of devoted female riders out there, and one particular artist is paying homage to all of the lady motorcycle enthusiasts out there through his artwork.

Enter Chris, an LA-based artist on Instagram as starvin_artist28. His Instagram profile features a wide range of female-inspired motorcycle art–primarily sketches. There’s quite a range, including headshot sketches of women wearing motorcycle helmets, as well as action sketches of lady riders on bikes themselves.

Want to see for yourself? Here are a few of our favorite sketches from Chris’s collection:


The sketches are captivating and show a lot of detail that seems to bring these images to life. Not only is the artistry on point, but it is refreshing to see someone who is focusing on the fairer sex, specifically those who love to ride.

Whether you are a female rider or you can simply appreciate great artwork, this is one profile that you’ll want to follow.

Don’t forget–the artwork shown above in this post is just a sample of the full collection.

To see all of Chris’s artwork, hop over to his Instagram profile at starvin_artist28.