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Babe Raid to set rally record

babe Raid world record
2014 Babe Raid world record

A 2Wheelbabes Babe Raid rally this weekend (September 5-8) in Ballina will attempt to set a record for the number of women on bikes in the one place. 

Babe Raid organiser Debb Dagger says the Ballina rally will be followed up by a second rally in Warrnambool on November 14-16.

Babe Raid

“We will be setting a record for the most women on motorcycles which has not been set as yet by any record-setting body that I have been able to find to date,” Debb says.

The 38-year-old mother of two and senior property manager who has been riding since 2007 thought up the idea of the Babe Raid with two friends after attending many motorcycle rally’s that were “really male based”. The first Babe Raid was held in September 2010.

“We only expected to get 60 women to attend but we got 120. That was with little advertising and mostly word of mouth,” she says. “Since then, the event has grown every year to the point that it is now known not only nationally but internationally.”

Debb says Babe Raid has reduced the segregation that existed among women between various clubs and groups, and allowed women to express themselves in what is a “very male-dominated area”. Men only play supporting roles in the annual Babe Raids.

“We ensure that we have a mechanic each year that gives free tech talks and advice so that women can become more empowered to look after their own bikes,” she says.

“We also have a rider training session over the weekend.”

There are also gymkhana events, a show and shine, a themed dinner night, community market stalls, breakfasts, yoga, rides and more.