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Auto Glym Instant Show Shine

Auto Glym Polish Review

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If you want a quick, easy to use, “one stop shopping” approach to motorcycle cleaning and shining, this is a good product to consider.


I first found Auto Glym in a motorcycle shop while on travel in England, but until now I haven’t seen it for sale in the U.S.

Auto Glym makes a variety of motorcycle and auto care products, and this one has one of my favorite words right there on the front of the can: “Instant“!

Don’t ask me how a single product can be both a cleaner and polish for painted surfaces, plastics, rubber, vinyl and “perspex” windscreens, and even leather, but they’ve done it.

Must be the 21st century technology I’ve been waiting for…

Pressing the button produces a pleasant smelling white mildly foamy spray that you simply apply and buff to a polish. It worked just as good on my fuel tank as many dedicated polishes.

And I liked the way it worked on my clear windscreen — not only did it clean off the bugs, but it left that nice, smooth feeling you get from a good polish when you buff it out and the rag flows cleanly across the surface.

I’m sure you can find cleaners, waxes, polishes and acrylic windscreen cleaners that used individually will do a better job, but probably with more work and certainly at a greater cost once you buy them all.

Auto Glym on Screen Auto Glym on windscreen
Again, it’s hard to see in this photo, but here’s a windscreen after a ride; you can just see the bugs and dirt. Here’s the “after” shot; Auto Glym easily removed the bugs and left a nice polished feel.
Auto Glym on fuel tank Auto Glym on fuel tank
Very hard to tell in these photos, but here’s the “before” shot of the fuel tank. Here’s an “after” shot — if you look at the reflection of the garage, you may be able to see the polish left by Auto Glym


Sometimes you just want to quickly touch up your bike a bit without having to drag out all the assorted cans and bottles, and this product will do it for you.

If you want a quick, easy to use, “one stop shopping” approach to motorcycle cleaning and shining, this is a good product to consider.

wBW Review: Auto Glym Instant Show Shine
Manufacturer: Autoglym List Price: Varies.
Review Date: 2005 (?) Made In: U.K.
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