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Austroads neglects motorcycles

road safety commuter - austroads

An 87-page Austroads report outlining the framework for planning road networks totally neglects motorcycle riders.

The “Level of Service Metrics (for Network Operations)” report is designed to take in “the perspectives of different road users”.Austroads report

It recognises and refers to private motorists, transit users, pedestrians, cyclists and freight, but in the entire document there is not one mention of motorcycle riders.

The report provides the framework for planning roads, but without reference to the most vulnerable road users, it must surely be totally useless.

Motorcycle riders have specific needs with roads. They need high quality surfaces, reduced roadside furniture hazards and safer guard rails.

While the report is intended to give road agencies information to improve the management and operation of road networks “that better balance the competing demands for road space”, it doesn’t note the important role of motorcycles in reducing road demand.

It’s fairly typical of government agencies failing to recognise the role of motorcycles in reducing pollution, traffic and parking problems.

  1. in the not too distant future we are going to see not
    only more scooters but a variety of electric bicycles
    3 wheelers small cars and everything in between,
    it is really a no-brainer, less congestion ,better parking
    making use of the infrastructure we already have
    ban cars from the cbd’s of the major cities,
    Everywhere i go i see designated areas for pushbike riders
    and stuff all for motorcycles, even though small motorcycles
    and scooters are rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice
    for many commuters

  2. I agree with Pete that an extremely large section of commuters are going to be neglected if real thought is not put into the road network to cater for the so called alternative styled modes of transport that are starting to evolve. A lot is being done to cater for bicycle riders much to the detriment of car and motorcycle riders on existing roads.

    How easy would it be to look at new technology ineed personal transportation trends and then provide proper planning to include it in road design? Not difficult at all.

    Many private groups and government agencies talk about road safety design coupled with the need to reduce motorcycle (and bicycle) deaths and injuries, but nothing positive is ever produced in a physical sense to achieve it.

    Better and smarter road designs, better roadside furniture, reduction in hard non forgiving objects close to roadsides in the country side (natural and man made) would be start. Better allowances for commuting motorcycle riders in the CBD zones of capital and large rural cities would make it safer for everyone.

    Traffic management is need of an urgent and lasting overhaul if government bodies want to make traveling on all of roads a safer and much more pleasant experience.

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