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Are motorcycle gloves the new Xmas socks?

DSC_0146Remember when your nana or mother-in-law bought you socks for Christmas?
You always said thanks, meanwhile doing your best to hide your disappointment.
Yet, an extra pair of socks did come in handy when you took off your shoes at the LA airport security check and saw your big toe saying hello.
If you want a Christmas present that you actually want and need, ask your significant other to drop a hint to your nana or mother-in-law about getting some motorcycle gloves.
I’ve 20 pair and could always do with more.
Actually I have 19 pair, plus two mis-matched gloves which I am loathe to throw out in case the other one turns up … much like a stray sock in the wash.
I always ride with a spare pair of gloves in a tank bag, panniers or even in a jacket pocket.
You never know when you might lose a pair of gloves or get caught in the rain and need a dry pair, or you get sweaty or muddy or dirty and need a clean, fresh pair.
I have gloves for all seasons – summer, winter, and the seasons in between.
I have several types of wet-weather gloves, for light rain, winter rain, summer rain and even those “Doctor Spock” style three-finger gloves at the bottom of the photo. They fit over the top of your gloves and keep out torrential rain.
However, I’ve found the best tip is to have a dry back-up pair of gloves because almost every waterproof glove I’ve tried is not entirely waterproof.
I also have sports gloves, cruiser gloves, adventure gloves, dirt gloves, street gloves, racing gloves, etc.
Gloves to suit every occasion, every bike, every type of weather.
I’ve also thrown out scores of gloves that went mouldy, stiff, split or hit the deck.
Anytime I get my hands on a motorcycle apparel catalogue, I pore over the gloves section.
Having the wrong sort of gloves for an occasion can make a ride uncomfortable or even miserable. So I could always find another specific glove to buy.
Start dropping some hints. There is a glove for every budget to suit everything from impoverished pensioner gannies to wealthy aunts.