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Aprilia’s Upcoming Tuono 660 Spotted In Wild

Rider Included

Aprilia’s Upcoming Tuono 660 has been spotted out on the streets of Italy stretching it’s mid-displacement legs during some much needed on-road testing before the shortly-awaited release to come in 2021.

For those unaware, the Tuono 660 will be a brand new motorcycle being added to Aprilia’s 2021 motorcycle lineup – based around the RS 660 frame and engine with the Tuono philosophy transferred over from the full-size Tuono 1250 to bring a more comfortable ride through updated ergonomics and riding position.

Although we went over the initial official photos Aprilia released of this 660 Tuono, unfortunately, I regret to admit that I didn’t take note of how unbelievably awesome this newly updated headlight assembly is. These spy shots show the Tuono 660 rolling through the streets with what appears to be its daytime-running lights on, and they really bring the perfect blend of futurism and updated presence to the new motorcycle model.

Another great piece of information we can gather from this image is the riding position; extremely important as this bike is supposed to be engineered for more comfortable riding than the race-y RS 660. The initial imagery that Aprilia provided us on the official announcement just showed the bike itself – no rider – and now that we have images of an actual human seated on it we can get a much better idea of how you will be situated on this bike.

We have no information on the rider’s height or dimensions, but we can still gather that this bike is far more “upright” than its RS brother thanks to this photo. The legs are still quite bent due to the location of the footpegs, so you won’t be getting naked motorcycle levels of upright positioning, but regardless, from the waist up it looks very comfortable.

I can’t wait to take the RS and Tuono 660’s for test rides to compare the two when 2021 hits.