Aprilia’s Tuono 660 Could Be Here As Soon As Spring 2021

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Tuono Junior!

Fancy yourself an Aprilia RS660 but want something more comfortable to ride? Sources state that the Tuono 660 is expected to come in the spring of 2021!

The Aprilia Tuono is my favorite motorcycle and my next big purchase. It takes the highly successful RSV4 platform and brings some comfort elements to the bike to make it a more rider/commute friendly package for the public roads. The engine remains the same as the RSV4, and many of the race elements are kept on the motorcycle, but the ergonomics take a major shift with the addition of higher handlebars, an upright seating position, and a shift in peg position to make this a much more comfortable sport touring-oriented version of the RS.

What does this mean for the 660 Tuono? Well, if the RS660 was too sporty for your taste, the Tuono is the perfect option for a comfortable, yet sporty ride. Assume it will share the same engine, frame, and most features as the RS660 and package it into an upright riding position with the updated ergonomics, much like the full-size Tuono does for the RSV4.

Per Rideapart, reports from India state that the Tuono 660 could be available in India as soon as next spring once the RS660 hits their dealerships. If the bike is hitting in India Q1-Q2 2021, expect Piaggio group to announce a European release even earlier than that.