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Anti-bikie laws rally an historic event – AMC

Shaun LennardAustralian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard will address the ride in Hobart and will explain why the AMC is so concerned about the impact of the new laws on motorcycling in general.

  1. Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard should be asked why the United Motorcycle Council (representing the Criminal Motorcycle Gangs) is one of their charter members and provides the majority of the funding for his group.

    1. Any recognised representative motorcycle group can join the AMC , the UMC is only one organisation represented on the AMC & as for the UMC representing the ‘criminal motorcycle gangs’ , they are only criminal because Newman said so , not through any due legal process . The brawl on the Gold Coast , while inexcusable , was a minor disturbance compared to the soccer brawls that used to happen at my local sports field , until the local Council told the Teams to go take a hike somewhere else .

    2. James Greene, you have fallen for the propaganda you are being fed by the Qld Govt. Step back and do the maths. Of all crime in Australia 0.6% is committed be members of OMCs – Fact. The claim is that there are approximately 6000 members of these clubs Australia wide. 0.6% x 6000 = 36. Therefore, we can conclude that 5964 members of these OMC are not involved in crime and are not in fact criminals. But, according to the Qld Govt Bikies are a massive problem. But when you examine the facts – that doesn’t appear to be the truth. 99.04% of all these OMC members are not involved in crime – very few individuals may be involved – but their numbers are few, and certainly don’t warrant so much money and the expensive resources being invested, when laws to deal with crime of this nature are already in place which can be dealt with by employing good old fashioned detective work. In essence VLAD laws are not required.

      The propaganda has led you to form an opinion that harsher penalties and enforcement is the answer. You also overlook the fact that the VLAD Laws will ultimately capture more than just bikies. Bikies are the smokescreen here. The UMC represents 5964 innocent individuals (going by the maths), and therefore I would suggest that as law abiding motorcycle riders, they have a right to be represented by the AMC.

      You see that’s what we are talking about here – Human Rights and Freedom to dress and use whatever form of transport we choose without fear of persecution. You can’t make one rule for some and a different rule for the rest. That is a breech of natural Human Rights and goes against every legal principal that says all crimes should be judged on their merits and that penalties awarded are the same for each particular crime.

      Thank you, for raising this issue. It has allowed those here to clarify the bigger picture. I hope that you will take these facts on board and reflect on them as we move forward with dealing with VLAD and the motives of the Qld Govt who are behind it.

      1. John, I donot support the laws this government has brought in. However when it comes to stipulating figures and doing math you have done is blatantly wrong. So do not make up bodgie math as there is more than enough facts out there to win your argument.

        1. Ted McKellar, even the police stats demonstrate that my figures are on the money. Its very difficult to win an argument with a Govt that is hell bent on making us believe the Sons of Anarchy myth. And in all seriousness, that is all we are really talking about. OMCs may look and act scary – but, the majority of them are not criminals. The minority maybe – my maths are far nearer the mark than their propaganda want you and I to believe…..

  2. The above comment by James Greene is a load of total garbage. While the UMC is a member of the AMC it is not a “charter” member – they joined only a year or so back. The UMC also has members that are not “OM”s. They have members that include ex-military and Christian patch clubs.
    In terms of funding the only money ever received from the UMC has been the annual dues – they pay the same as Ulysses, the VMC, various MRA’s, the NSWMCC, Tasmanian Motorcycle Council etc.

    1. Correct , Tony . One of the ‘ Charter ‘ groups was Bikers Ltd , which had members who were 1%’ers and it was never an issue , all motorcyclists are entitled to be represented on the AMC . Greene is either badly misinformed or a troll .

    2. Tell the truth Tony Ellis, you guys are totally controlled by the Criminal Motorcycle Gangs, if not then eject them from your Membership.

      1. James Greene, on what basis do you base this assertion? I’m looking forward to your response to my post above. That assertion demonstrates a total ignorance – reflected by not only you but many other Australians….

  3. The UMCQ should have the courtesy to withdraw from the AMC until such time as any legal challenge is successful.
    Any non-declared motorcycle clubs who are current members of the UMCQ should withdraw from the UMCQ and reform under a separate banner to guard against accusations of conflicts of interest and lest they be deemed ‘associates’.

  4. its about ALL motorcyclist Mr Greene .. and not all 1% are criminals .. if ya had half a brain you would see that there are doctors and lawyers and such throughout the clubs … yes .. there are a few that do wrong … but a lot less of a percentage of politicians who have fucked up .. this scare mongering about big bad 1%ers is bullshit .. I know quite a few and have grown up with others who have ended up patches , no , I am not one myself , but I am still proud to call em mates ..

  5. To me , this is a protest again Dictatorship,
    This is supposed to be a democracy, a free country, where we ( the people) are not branded or labeled by the actions of others, where Racism is not tolerated,
    Where laws are not made by individuals, where a person can move around this wonderful land Freely, without fear of being harassed or abused without cause. I voted for these Governments, but none of this was on their Ballot paper, put it to a vote, a public committee, 0.38% of crime is attributed to bike clubs, the Goverment & Police need to focus on the other 99.62% first, they say bikies & the drug trade , Q:- are there less drugs on the street , are there less overdoes, has the price of drugs gone up due to less supply. NO. So why is that unless the bikies are only the minor player in illegal trade. So tell the Goverment to focus on the real problem. Stop grandstanding, look at the big picture, solve the real issues in this country, do what you promised before you had power.

  6. John Karmouche has succinctly and logically put the current legislation and how the feeble of thought have been manipulated by a media hostile to civil rights and a cheer squad for the extremists who now walk the corridors of power. Good on you John, because right now we need to be absolutely clear that the VLAD legislation does not mention OMG’s, motorcyclists or any specific groups. It is catch-all to be abused by a party drunk on power and with a tin ear. And what exactly is your agenda James Greene?

  7. i believe this a grab and control tactic from the government and the police to dictate and then to increase there revenue then there power over the general public and MUST BE STOPPED if they where serous about stopping the drugs and criminal gang members they would only TARGET those people and therefore do not need to introduce new FAKE LAWS as a tactic they would do a thing called INVESTIGATION ON ALL CRIMINAL GANGS not just bikie gangs ALL CRIMINAL GANGS
    and if they were dead serous they would look at finding all criminals including in THE POLICE DEPARTMENT and higher up





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