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Animal Motorcycle Helmets

Man’s Best Friend

(and riding buddy).

Dog with helmet on from lowbrowcustoms for animal motorcycle helmet

Dog Helmets:

Riding with your best friend? Ok, four-legged best friend? Good. That’s what this sport is all about, having fun with your friends.

The shape and size of a dogs head vary a bit, much like our own human heads do. And so do our preferences and taste.

So if you’re going to strap on a helmet on your own brain compartment, just be sure and strap on his (or hers) helmet too.

Check out Helmets for Dogs here.

Cat Helmets:

While riding with your cat is not nearly as popular as riding with your dog, replicating the look of  a cat on your own motorcycle helmet is. Check out these Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets if you are more of a cat-lover than a dog-lover.

Tip; you won’t find much when you are on the hunt for a helmet for your cat to strap on to go for a ride. But a small to medium size dog helmet will do the trick, just don’t let that cat see the label. See above “Helmets for Dogs.”

Animal Pet Carriers – for the Motorcycle.

motorcycle pet trunkCarrying your pet with you on the ride can be a little tricky. Training Ol’ Fido to ride on the tank is a fun little accomplishment to show off to your riding buddies, but actually going on a ride longer than 5 minutes that can be really stressful on your little friends joints and muscles. The sun can also be tiresome on your dogs eyes without a good pair of Doggles. 

You don’t ride on your car for over an hour by surfing on the hood while someone else is driving right? Just how long do you think your could do that for at 10mph? How about 50mph?


Some more animal carrying alternatives:

Where to pick up a helmet for your own motorcycle-riding-loving animal?