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Amazing MV Agusta Collection to Sell at Retromobile, Paris

MV Agusta collection
Image from Retromobile

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The iconic motorcycle marque MV Agusta has some of the most amazing bikes ever to be built. At the Retromobile Show in Paris, France, one of the largest known collections of MV Agusta motorcycles will go up for auction on Saturday, February 9, 2019. 

The collection of motorcycles was brought to auction by an Italian family who had almost 100 bikes to sell. Some of the bikes date all the way back to 1945. Everything from production road bikes to small scooters to high-powered competition race bikes will be for sale at the show.

The estimates for the bikes vary dramatically. According to Retromobile, bikes could go for anywhere from $3,500 to $300,000. All of the nearly 100 models are offered up for auction with no reserve.

The 1972 MV Agusta 750S in the image above is one of the best bikes in the collection. It is one of the models built by Arturo Magni, who was the MV Agusta racing program manager and a legend in the motorcycle racing community. Retromobile places the estimate for that particular model between $114,000 and $171,000. 

Although Retromobile doesn’t say who the person putting the bikes up for sale is, it does say the seller’s uncle worked and raced for MV Agusta. The uncle started collecting bikes, and eventually amassed the collection that will go on sale.

If I had the time and money to get to Paris to buy a motorcycle, this would be the show I’d go to. That 1972 MV Agusta 750S is a gorgeous machine. If you want to learn more head over to Retromobile’s website.