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Aldi claims safest motorcycle gear yet

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Leather Jacket - $189

Aldi claims this year’s annual motorcycle gear sale will feature their safest gear yet with their $189 leather jacket being the most popular buy.

The sale is usually held in the first couple of Saturdays of August, but has been delayed this year until 31 August 2019, starting at 8.30am.

“Every year we work to improve the range to make it even better than the last,” an Aldi spokesperson says.

“This year is no exception, with considerable time devoted to product development, sourcing and testing to ensure our products are of the highest quality and exceptionally priced.”

So far, motorcycle clothing ratings system MotoCAP has not tested any Aldi products.

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Safety claims

However, Aldi claims they have been “testing relevant motorcycle clothing products to European Standards for several years in order to obtain independent certification”.

“This year, we have worked closely with our supply partners to create products that are both safe and stylish – all without compromising on quality,” their spokesperson says.

“All Torque motorcycle clothing has been certified to the European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (2016/425).

“We anticipate the leather jacket will be popular among customers as it is exceptional value for money.”

Their 2019 catalogue of motorcycle gear on sale this year will be available on their website next week.

Aldi says the Torque leather jacket features APT-TECH protection technology at the elbows and shoulders and has impact protectors in the back, shoulder and elbow that are compliant to EN 1621.

The jacket is compliant to Level 2 European Standard EN 13595 with a minimum of seven seconds of abrasion resistance. This jacket has been tested to greater than 19 seconds.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Leather Jacket – $189

Their Torque motorcycle boots ($99.99) have strengthened heels, hi-vis reflective ankle strips and meet requirements of the new Personal Protective Equipment standard EN 13634.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Boots – $99.99

The Torque motorcycle denim jeans ($79.99) have reinforcement lining made of “high-tenacity aramid fibre at critical areas of seat, hips & knees”.

They are compliant to the latest EN 17092-4:2019 for “A” classification garments which is for urban riding only.

The feature EN 1621 knee protectors.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Denim Jeans – $79.99

They have a choice of two Torque gloves, both costing $34.99.

Their goat leather pair have carbon fibre protectors for the knuckles and fingers and rubber padding in “critical areas”.

They are EN 13594 level 1 compliant for urban riding with four seconds of abrasion resistance.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Carbon Knuckle Leather Gloves – $34.99 (2)

Their padded gloves are also EN 13594 level 1 compliant with 3D foam rubber protection at the knuckles, fingers and thumbs with 3M Thinsulate padding.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Padded Leather Gloves – $34.99


As usual, there is also a range of other motorcycle goods for sale including balaclavas, thermals, bike covers and helmets.

Plus, there’s our perennial favourite – $9.99 Aldi motorcycle socks!

New this year are three types of $19.99 locks and chains to secure your bike and/or luggage.

aldi motorcycle sale theft stolen locks
Locks – $19.99

There is also a range of $39.99 tail and tank bags.


Riders urged to support dealers

However, riders have been urged by the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association to support their local motorcycle dealer who {“deserves rider loyalty in tough times“.

They point out that motorcycle retailers offer a lot more product choice and all-year round availability.

Supporters of the Aldi sale say it promotes the wearing of good quality gear by making it affordable to more riders. 

In our coverage of the annual Aldi sale, as well as MotoCAP’s testing of products, we find readers claim Aldi products are good quality and value.

We have also tested Aldi gear and find it is up to par, including the Bluetooth unit that is still working just fine after three years.

  1. I just spent a couple of (sobering) hours at Motoport USA. They have a rack of brand name jackets that basically disintegrated in actual crashes. I also saw a Motoport jacket that crashed at 80mph on rough asphalt and didn’t even wear through. We say “you get what you pay for” but with motorcycle gear you often don’t….ie you pay handsomely but the product doesn’t deliver. If you ever get the chance go to Motoport and do the tour. It’s a real eye-opener.

  2. The trouble is Aldi think all Australian riders are 5’9″ tall and skinny, but we all know most seasoned bikers are much larger than that. Come on Aldi, how about bringing out larger sizes so we can all buy some. For instance jackets up to XXL, which is a very small XXL. How about 3XL or even 4XL. When I go there I see that all the Small and Medium are left over because everyone wants the bigger sizes. Gloves up to XL? A joke, I and most others I know need 3XL or 4XL. Bring out “Realistic” sizes.

    Again another of my pet peeves, S,M,L XL mean absolutely nothing in terms of sizing. One brands XL is another brands 4XL. Why not specify chest size for jackets, and waist size for pants etc.

  3. I agree with Kevin in regard to sizes, always on the small size. That said, one year I scored a pair of gloves with the carbon fibre knuckles and these have been my favourites ever since – comfortable, flexible and long lasting. I hope I get lucky again.

  4. My experience with Aldi is that all their products / food etc are manufactured to the barest of the bare minimum compliance with a standard, and not a molecule more.

    Bought a coupe of electronic items – sounded amazing in the ads – but after getting them home I wished I had spent a few more dollars on a known brand. Grrrr.

    Some of their Workzone stuff is ok, but make sure that a set of spanners, say, covers all the sizes you want.

    But – it’s not all bad – the Workzone silicones are tops, especially that the don’t harden back down the tube after you replace the top. :-D)

  5. What I don’t follow is apparently MotoCAP have no way (or don’t want to find a way) of comparing their ratings to the EU ratings. So its anybody’s guess if a rating of say ” EN 13594 level 1 compliant” is good or bad or irrelevant.
    MotoCAP advised me 6 months ago they would be happy to test Aldi gear if Aldi provided them with samples to test; Aldi said they did not see the need as their gear is EU compliant.

  6. I buy a lot of Aldi gear and find it pretty good quality for the price. I do agree that inconsistent sizing can be a problem but it applies through many manufacturers eg. I have a ‘L’ full face HJC helmet but an ‘S’ Scorpion open face. My Aldi ‘L’ full face helmet is now loose – no blowback on Aldi – just what happens when you go bald LOL. As for the Aldi boots I find them too tight on the calves – and no, I don’t have big calves – I think they could be designed for very skinny legs if you want to tuck your pants in. The gloves are OK for the price but it is probably worth shopping around and paying a bit more for the ‘perfect’ fit in terms of how the glove rides over your watch and into or over your jacket. I use a better fit glove for clutch control on my bike and find the Aldi gloves adequate on my scooter. The locks look like pretty reasonable value.

  7. Have purchased and wear ALDI gear regularly, the Denim Jeans are great for the warmer Months & have knee protection, but I had to buy some Hip inserts. I always purchase a size larger than normal.
    I’m not sure of everyone else, but if Moto CAP approves a product, I won’t be buying it, a look at the members list and I see a big Rip Off coming, since when were Insurance Companies interested in my Riding Gear? Any one remember the Royal Commission into Insurance Companies recently, Ned Kelly a crook ??

  8. I really loved the original touring/adventure synthetic gear. Tested by myself a couple of times for abrasion resistance with excellent results! Ditto the gloves although a previous design.
    Their summer jacket of a few years ago is perfect spring and autumn in Australia, however it’s very easy to see that the gear is designed for European conditions.
    I do wish that they would bring back the short gloves, actually supply enough jeans to be able to get them 1 hour after opening the store.
    If motorcycle dealers (large franchised ones especially) didn’t mark up the products ridiculously then I am sure that they would sell far more accessories, gloves etc and Aldi wouldn’t have a cue before opening their doors on motorcycle accessories sales dates.

  9. Just a pity they didn’t stock more jeans. Got into the store Saturday at 10am, all gone. The manager checked the other stores in town, same story. Either very popular, or they didn’t have many in the first place. Bit disappointed, as I can’t afford the $300 plus the others charge.

    1. ‘Got into the store Saturday at 10am” and there lies the problem 🙂 I didnt go this year but in past years there has been queues of 20 – 30 people by 8:30 when store opens. Turning up at 10:30 a bit late 🙂

  10. I bought a full face helmet as a spare. After a couple of years sitting on the shelf the black paint has turned very sticky! Took a lot of soap and scrubbing to get rid of the yuk.

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