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AGV Pista GP Helmet

AGV Announces the "Pista GP" Helmet

Review Summary

April 2013 – New High-End AGV Helmet: The Pista GP.

Press Release (Edited by AGV announced a new line of “Extreme Standards Helmets”.

The motorcycle helmets are based on the “Human Engineering” concept, according to AGV, which applies to a new design process which starts from the components that are in
direct contact with the head and gradually progresses to the outer shell.

As a result, the structural shapes imitate the area of contact thus providing greater safety and smaller dimensions.

The Pista GP, a full carbon helmet specifically designed for racing, is the first of this new generation.

Pista GP: Safety

The force transmitted to the head is 36% less than the required safety standard.

The risk index for brain damage associated with acceleration is 48% lower than the required Standard.

The size of the visor mechanism area has been drastically reduced. The extra space has been used to increase the thickness of the shock absorbing material.

The Optical Class 1 approved visor is 3.3 mm thick and thus provides better protection.


The “Built around your head” design of the helmet began by examining where there is contact between the helmet and the head and not looking from the outside-in, as usually happens during development.

Field of Vision

The field of vision is 15 degrees wider and the area of the visor is 9% greater than the previous top-of-the-line AGV racing helmet.


The air vent sizes in the Pista GP have been almost tripled. The ventilation system and the positioning and sizes of air vents are the result of intensive computational fluid dynamics wind tunnel testing.


The shape of the Pista GP is the result of intensive wind tunnel testing which has made it more stable at all speeds and less susceptible to the effects of side winds. It has “Z-LIFT” of minus 44%, meaning that the helmet is an integral part of the overall bike/suit aerodynamic profile.

For this reason, it does not tend to lift at high speed and in fact settles more snugly on the rider’s head.

Compact Size

Thanks to its “from the inside out” design, the structural components of the helmet are designed to provide the required performance while minimising size and weight.

The frontal cross section has been reduced by 3% and the lateral cross section by 6% compared with the AGV GP-Tech helmet.

Input by Valentino Rossi

Reaching AGV Extreme Standards has been validated by very thorough tests in laboratories, on the track and on the road and with the approval of Valentino Rossi. The nine-times World Champion was the first rider to collaborate in setting up the AGV Extreme Standards project and helped fine tune the Pista GP. His input was absolutely essential for identifying technical solutions to be adopted.

Below are Vale’s comments on the Pista GP, which confirm the results of simulations and tests:

  • “Great aerodynamics, it like I’m not wearing a helmet.”
  • “Excellent ventilation, it is really noticeable.”
  • “The inside of the helmet is really comfortable.”
  • “Fabulous visibility, like switching from TV to the cinema.”

More information on the Pista GP can be found on the AGV website.

Video: AGV Pista GP Helmet

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