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A Peek Into Wild Triumph’s Mind-Blowing Motorcycle Tours

a rider enjoying a wet day on a motorcycle tour by Wild Triumph

With vaccinations on the rise, many countries are preparing to reopen borders for travel – and it seems that everybody (myself included) has dug the old passport out in anticipation of a wee travel

Enter Wild Triumph – a company committed to luxury and adventure motorcycle/SUV tours across some of the lesser-known areas of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand, and Mongolia. 

A rider experiences the iconic landmarks of Bhutan

Founded in 2018, the company originally started as a way for Founders Dushyant Yadav and Mohit Chauhan to travel and feed their passion for their motorcycles.

“I do not like tourist places much, so I used to travel to places that are not known to people. I would just open up a map and point at a spot and say, ‘Let’s go to this place”, Yadav says. “Traveling was something that I had to do, so I decided that I will make a living out of it.”

“It was then that we started Wild Triumph in January 2018. We started small and, little by little, we started getting clients.”

Two riders enjoy the view in Laos

With news of the tours traveling by word of mouth, Wild Triumph was able to slowly expand to the impressive network of connections, routes, and trips currently available on their website today. 

The company offers experiences for travelers from all walks of life – both those desiring a more adventurous route and those simply looking for a bit of luxury to accompany the new view.

riders travelling through the That Desert in India

Among other available options, riders can book a twist through the Himalayas, explore India from the Green Aravallis to the Thar Desert, or build a customized route of their own with Wild Triumph experts to recommend the best topography and landmarks.

Wild Triumph is also one of the only motorcycle tour companies to offer exclusive women-only tours.

a female rider travelling through a field of grass on her motorcycle in Mongolia

“We at Wild Triumph are proud to convey the most mind-blowing motorcycle experiences accessible all over the globe…[and] we believe that experiences gained through traveling are unforgettable and remain with you for life”, says Wild Triumph. 

a group of riders enjoying their travels through Nepal

“Through traveling, we meet new people; we understand their culture, their way of living, and we expand our potential. This passion for bringing together people in a new and meaningful way drives us to innovate.”

Amen to that, and take my money.