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A Legend Will Return to Suzuki’s Lineup

Suzuki Global Salon

In 2018, the Suzuki Hayabusa was taken off the European market. After being one of the world’s fastest production bikes for almost 20 years, it was time to hang up the gloves. Europe was also putting the squeeze on bikes that weren’t hitting the required emission standards, thus leading to the discontinuation of quite a few. 

Though in the US, it was a different story. We didn’t see a Busa disruption until 2020 after it failed to appear on Suzuki’s 2021 lineup. However, this was to give the Suzuki team a breather before releasing their new and improved Hayabusa. 

Today, Suzuki released a YouTube video on their global channels that highlighted the arrival of a new superbike. They plan to keep the motorcycle world in suspense until they unveil this mysterious superbike on February 5th, 2021. Well, guess what? We’re not biting. We know it will be the return of the “Peregrine Falcon” (“Hayabusa” in English). 

So what can we expect from Suzuki’s hype on the Hayabusa? Surely we expect to see some modern technology or even a completely refreshed appearance, right? 

Don’t hold your breath for anything other than Suzuki keeping the Hayabusa very close to its roots. According to RideApart, there have been rumors floating around thanks to a Japanese publication. These rumors from October 2020, summed up the “new” Hayabusa getting nothing more than a new design and some European emission compliance updates. Though we have no choice but to play along until February 5th in order to see what Suzuki will be releasing. It also looks like it will be the first bike displayed on Suzuki’s Global Salon, a virtual showroom to also be unveiled on February 5th, 2021.