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6D ATS-1R Helmet Hits the Cement With a New Colorway

6D Brings the Concrete To Your Head With a New Glossy Cement Grey Colorway For Their ATS-1R Helmet

The ATS-1R is a great looking helmet in my opinion. I really am a sucker for fast, MotoGP styled lids with winglets and aero features (Shoei, please send me an X-14. I will get your logo tattooed on my body in exchange.) and 6D provides a great affordable option for that niche.

The ATS-1R has a few colors, but they recently announced they will be bringing this flat glossy grey to the market in addition to their others. It reminds me a lot of the cement grey Yamaha FZ-09 actually, so if you own one of those and want a helmet to match look no further.

The ATS-1R Has some pretty sweet tech behind it with its ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) energy management system allowing for more protection from rotational and high energy impacts. $695 USD isn’t the worst price to pay for a fully carbon fiber shelled helmet. Reviewers say the ODS system makes the helmet a tad larger overall, but fortunately, I’ll give it a pass as it only weighs 1638g due to the carbon fiber nature.

Feel free to check out the helmet at your favorite online retailer or from 6D’s website directly.