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Wauchope launches first Moto Fest

Wauchope Motor Fest

The first Motorcycle Friendly Town in NSW opens up to riders this weekend with the first Wauchope Moto Fest this Saturday (November 18, 2017).

It will include a motokhana, show and shine, swap meet, tattoo competition, trade and market stalls, live music and more.

A tattoo celebrity is coming from Queensland to guest judge the tattoo show and most categories are already full.

Of course, another motorcycling attraction is the nearby riding paradise of the Oxley Highway plus many regional adventure trails.

Oxley Highway hillclimb speed reductions RMS safety standard limits moto fest
Oxley Highway

Moto Fest runs from 8am to 4pm in the town’s centre.

Moto Fest to attract thousands

Wauchope Motorcycle Friendly Town Co-ordinator Jenny Pursehouse and committee members Nadia Stocks say accommodation is filling up fast.

Wauchope Motorcycle Friendly Town moto fest
Wauchope has declared itself a Motorcycle Friendly Town

We have had great feedback from many motorcycle groups some coming from Western Australia and Queensland,” Jenny says.

“We have also been very pleased by the response from local businesses in Wauchope.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming riders back to town after the very successful Ulysses AGM event earlier this year.

Wuachope Motorcycle Friendly Town
Riders in Wauchope

“It’s a very positive atmosphere.”

Moto Fest is planned to become an annual event.

Nadia says they are expecting a couple of thousand people including one group of 65 riders from Sydney.

“Gympie Ulysses are coming back as they loved our area when the came for their AGM,” she says.

Motorcycle Friendly Wauchope

Wauchope became motorcycle friendly in late 2016 and has been active in promoting its biker culture.

We visited earlier this year and were impressed by the response and attitudes of local business people.

Jenny says they now have 12 motorbike parking spots in the centre of town.

“It’s in front of a cafe with great vision of the parking area,” she says.

Wauchope Motor Fest parking
New motorcycle parking spots

“Following the Ulysses AGM, there has been a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from the Wauchope community for us to hold another event for our motorcycle friends,” Jenny says. 

Our short tour of the town included Meanstreak Choppers, Curly’s Cafe and Timbertown Resort and Hotel which, like the CoOp servo, offers a free bike cleaning and maintenance kit.Wauchope Motorcycle Friendly Town

The motel has a MC Friendly flag outside, there is a sign on approach to town, more banners will be posted during specific events such as Moto Fest, stickers and patches have been produced, and they are planning maps of various dirt, adventure and road routes in the area.