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2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 Review

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900
Aprilia Shiver Review Summary
Review Summary
The 2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 is a great motorcycle and is a lot of fun to ride. It is the quintessential naked sport bike. It is light, nimble and has all the power you need. It has an aggressive look and comes with the pedigree of April's 54 world titles. Price wide, it is an affordable motorcycle and is very unique.
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As Naked Sport Bikes go, The Aprilia Shiver has been a contender since it’s launch in 2007 as a ride by wire 750cc machine. The 2008 Shiver SL 750 was reviewed by Web Bike World in August 2008.

This year, Aprilia gave the Shiver a new look and a new motor. An advanced traction control system was added to the Shiver as well as a state of the art 4.3” TFT Technology display.

The new motor represents a significant increase in power and torque.

I have been riding Harley Davidson bikes for the last twelve years and I felt it was time for a change. I had the opportunity to test out several new motorcycles this year (including the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS) and I really liked the handling of a naked sport bike.

I was at Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary when the Shiver 900 caught my eye. I was in the market for a new bike and was looking at several different models. I sat on the Aprilia and I loved the way I felt on it. It spoke to me. I ended up trading my 2007 Harley Davidson FLHTCU on this new machine.

Aprilia Racing Logo


  • Aprilia V90 Longitudinal 90 degree v-twin engine four stroke, liquid cooled, double overhead camshaft with mixed gear/chain timing system, four valves per cylinder.
  • 70 kW (95.2 hp) @ 8,750 rpm
  • 90 Nm (66.4 lb-ft) of torque at 6,500 rpm
  • Integrated Engine Management System with Ride-by-Wire.
  • Digital Electronic Ignition, integrated with the injection
  • 100 % Stainless Steel 2 in 1 exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.
  • Chain secondary drive
  • Three predetermined driving modes (Rain, Touring, and Sport)
  • Multi-Plate wet clutch, hydraulically operated
  • Modular tubular steel frame fastened to aluminum side plates by high strength bolts. Dismountable rear frame.
  • Kayaba upside-down front fork with adjustable hydraulic rebound, damping, and spring preload.
  • Aluminum alloy rear swingarm with stiffening truss. Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring preload.
  • Front brake consisting of dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs. Radial four-piston calipers.
  • Rear brake consisting of a 240 mm stainless steel disc, single-piston caliper, and metal braided brake hose.
  • Continental two-channel ABS system
  • 15L (3.96 US gal) Fuel tank capacity
  • Tires: 120/70 ZR 17 front and 180/55 ZR 17 Rear
  • Starting at CAD$ 9,995

First Impressions

My first impression of the 2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 was the way the styling of the bike makes it look aggressive yet refined. I loved the color and stance. It was undeniably Italian and the attention to details was present throughout the motorcycle.

I sat on the bike and the seat was just perfect for me. I am 5’9” and the bike felt very comfortable.

The handlebars are in almost the perfect position for me. I did not feel like I was sprawled out on the tank and I also did not feel like I was sitting completely upright like on a cruiser. The seating position is very comfortable.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 tank

The tank is incredible! I love the width. The design is perfect for your knees to tuck up and the vents on the front give it an aggressive look.

The seat is very nice. It is comfortable and the attention to detail is amazing. I love that the red stitching on the seat is the same color as the frame of the bike

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 seat cushion

First Ride From The Dealer To My House

On the street, the Shiver 900 is an amazing ride. The linear power band gives you the sensation of control at all times. It is very smooth and precise. I loved the stability of the bike and the suspension is absolutely amazing.

I left the dealer on a very cold rainy day and I decided that I would try out the rain setting of the three driving modes. The bike performed wonderfully during my ride home. I was able to do a bit of urban riding along with some back roads going home.

One of the things that I really liked was the sound of this motorcycle. The exhaust is designed in such a way that both pipes come out directly under and behind the seat of the bike. The exhaust note is unlike any other bike on the market… It is refined, yet it still has the growl of a v-twin.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 v-twin

City Riding

As a city bike, the Shiver 900 is in its environment. It is nimble and able to perform in traffic the way a naked sport bike should. I was amazed at how well it handled as an urban commuter. It is extremely well balanced and this showed while riding at a slow speed. It was able to ride in traffic without any issues. It was very nimble when it came to avoiding potholes.

I was amazed at how nimble the bike is and how easy it is to ride.

The brakes are excellent on this bike. I really appreciate the level of responsiveness that the Shiver showed during city riding where you are required to brake on a regular basis whether to avoid another car or a pedestrian crossing the street. The front shocks are very well tuned and I did not feel the front end dip everytime I braked.

It was cold on the day I rode in the city; however, I am confident that the Shiver 900 will have no problem with overheating in the city. It is well equipped with an amazing cooling system.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 cooling system

Country Road Riding

The Shiver 900 is an amazing bike for twisties. It is very well balanced and the rear shock eats up what the road throws at it. It is extremely nimble and it feels very stable. It requires very little countersteer to get it to do what you want it to do.

I was able to test the touring setting on the Aprilia and what a difference the setting makes. It performed like a champ. The acceleration was really good and the bike was very responsive.

Given the bike is still in the break-in stage, I did not want to push it too hard; however, I was able to get a good feel for the acceleration and the handling of the Shiver and it was great. For me, the Shiver 900 is right at home on a country road and this is the type of riding I enjoy the most.

I was amazed at the amount of torque this machine has to offer. It is simply a pleasure to ride this bike.

The exhaust note of this bike when you are going down a country road is like music. I absolutely love the sound of a v-twin engine and this engine is a testament to the engineering that goes into manufacturing an Aprilia.

Time For Some Highway Riding

It was cold, but I knew I needed to go test out the Shiver 900 on the highway. I had my gear on, three-layer Cordura jacket, Cordura pants, and new gloves. I set out to see what this naked sport bike feels like on the highway.

The Shiver 900 did not disappoint on the highway.

I set the bike to sport mode and set out on Stoney Trail, the ring road that goes around the city of Calgary.

The motorcycle was extremely smooth in its acceleration. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Shiver 900 feels on the highway. The wind is very present as one would expect on a bike without a windshield; however, the design of the bike seems to reduce the amount of wind in the helmet area. It was not unpleasant or overly turbulent to ride at highway speeds.

Passing a tractor-trailer was not a problem. I felt confident and the motorcycle has no issues with power in the low end, the mid-range, and at the top end. The Shiver does very well in all situations.

Riding Position

I was very comfortable on the Shiver 900. The seat is comfortable and at the right height for me. The handlebars are in the perfect position for me. I felt like I was in a very natural sitting position.

The foot position was very comfortable. I felt like I was in control of the bike the whole time.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900
2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 tank

Digital Instrument Cluster

The Aprilia Shiver 900 has an ultra-modern TFT technology display that features a large 4.3” screen that adapts to daytime and nighttime. The information is clear and easy to read. I like that the information is very clear and easy to read at a glance. The information was very visible during the day as well as in the evening.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 tank digital instrument


The Shiver 900 comes equipped with Pirelli AngeI ST tires. 120/70 ZR 17 on the front and a 180/55 ZR 17 on the Rear.

These tires are designed for a sport touring application and I was really impressed at how well these tires performed on wet pavement. Especially given that they are brand new and have not been broken in yet.

These tires stuck on the road very nicely and I felt safe while riding on them.

Pirelli Angel ST tires


The brakes on the Aprilia Shiver 900 are awesome. While riding, there were two situations that required me to apply the brakes with some force. On both occasions, the brakes functioned flawlessly.

The brakes on the shiver 900 consist of dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs. Radial four-piston calipers on the front and a 240 mm stainless steel disc, single-piston caliper and metal braided brake hose on the back with a Continental two-channel ABS system.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 vrakes


The mirrors on the Shiver 900 are great. They are fully adjustable and give a clear view of the back of the bike. I did not find that there was much vibration in the mirrors while riding.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 adjustable mirrors

Earlier this year, I reviewed a Ducati Monster 821. I felt that the mirrors on the Monster were not very good and that an adjustable mirror is a must. I was glad to see that the Aprilia mirrors are indeed fully adjustable.

Front Headlight

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 front headline

The Headlight on the Shiver 900 is very bright and has no problems illuminating the streets at night.


The Aprilia Shiver 900 features a stainless steel 2-1 system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

The exhaust note is refined yet guttural and in my opinion, sounds absolutely amazing.

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 exhaust


I like the Aprilia Shiver 900 a lot.

It is an amazing motorcycle and is a lot of fun to ride. The Shiver 900 is the quintessential naked sports bike. It’s light, nimble and has all the power you need. It has an aggressive look and comes with the pedigree of Aprilia’s 54 world titles. Price wise, it is an affordable motorcycle and very unique.

If I could change a few things about the Shiver 90, I would make heated grips a standard option. On a naked sport bike, the lack of a fairing makes it that your hands get extremely cold while riding. I mitigated this problem by adding a set of aftermarket heated grips to the Shiver.

The Shiver does have the option of installing a windscreen. The problem is that it is very expensive to purchase. I have purchased an aftermarket windshield to make my highway riding a bit more comfortable.

It comes with a 24 month, unlimited mileage warranty

I am fortunate to get the opportunity to ride different motorcycles on a regular basis for the purpose of reviewing. That being said, I chose the Aprilia Shiver 900 as my personal motorcycle. I love the look, the sound, the comfort, the performance and the handling of this bike and I would recommend this amazing motorcycle to my friends and family.

  1. Amazed, amazed, amazed,
    Superlative review that makes this out to be the most AMAZING motorcycle in the world,,,,

    1. I bought one of those in OZ ,i sat on many many bikes ,comming of a dr 650 ,i wanted a road bike because most of my rideing was [40,000kms ] done 95%road and i to bought one of these for an average height bloke 5’10 100kg the shiver felt right .Once i got the suspension ,tyre pressure sussed it truely is an amazing bike it can really do it all.Its no 1000cc 200hp monster but if you can ride a bit in the twisties you can hang off their rear tyre with the best of them, i never go over the tonne [163km/h],and itll do it but low down to 160 kms is where that creamy torque wave will put a big grin, like a fat kid in a chocolate factory on your face, its not super quick ,the torque max,s out at around 6500 RPM which is a shade over 100 mph . At 100kms [60mph] if you give her the full bean tin she will pull the front weel off the ground with a bit of aggressive clutch/throttle work . And its one of the most comfy bikes ive riden , ive done many 600km rides on a sunday and i dont feel buggerd to go to work on monday Aprilia dont change a thing this bike is truely an all rounder if your over the my bikes quicker than yours shit .

  2. yeah a tad over the top me thinks. “amazing” cooling system? It’s called a radiator… I suspect your threshold of what passes for “good” suspension has been badly warped by the utter trash that HD puts on their bikes. Let me know when you want the front forks revalved. I’ll do it for free. I have experience with KYB forks (FZ/FJ/XSR09 family, Z900, etc.) that positively stink.

  3. I know this review is 2 years old now, but since when was 218kg considered light? Even the 2016 SV650 with it’s massive steel frame and heavy engine weighs just 197kg.
    It’s heavy, expensive and underpowered when compared to its competitors.

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