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2013 REV’IT! Spring and Summer Clothing

REV'IT! 2013 Spring and Summer Clothing Preview

Review Summary

REV’IT! has several new and interesting products for 2013.

This includes a modular system for owners to add options like a reflective vest, cooling vest or a new back protector system to REV’IT! jackets.

REV’IT! has also introduced a brand-new type of motorcycle glove main knuckle protector that is flexible, lightweight and ventilated.

The mid-range has evolved and expanded with some very nice-looking new jackets, making it difficult to choose just one!

And for fans of that legendary cult favorite — the REV’IT! Sirocco jacket (review) — a replacement has finally arrived: the REV’IT! Levante. But there’s lots more. Let’s take a quick look…

My visits to REV’IT! headquarters in New York have become somewhat of a tradition, with a trip in the Fall to view the Spring lineup and a Summer visit to see what’s new for Fall and Winter.

This time, my first attempt was sidetracked by the horrific Hurricane Sandy storm that devastated the region.

When I finally arrived last week, several weeks after the storm, New York and Brooklyn were still recovering and signs of the devastation could be seen everywhere, including the Red Hook area of Brooklyn that took a huge hit.

The damage is obvious, with many homes and stores looking like they are unfortunately gone for good.

But on the positive side, there is also much evidence of rebirth and revival, so hopefully the neighborhoods will soon return to their former glory.

UPDATE: REV’IT! Clothing Hang Tags

Here’s a quick video explaining the new detailed hang tags that REV’IT! includes with each garment. The tags are packed with information about the product and recommendations for its use.

wBW Video: REV’IT! Clothing Hang Tags


REV’IT! Sand II Jacket

REV'IT! Sand II Jacket
The 2013 REV’IT! Sand II jacket (review).

The REV’IT! Everest GTX (review) and REV’IT! Defender GTX (review) jacket and pants outfits still hold the top spot in the REV’IT! lineup, and that’s good news.

It’s always comforting to see the continuance of a product, knowing that the manufacturer got it right the first time.

Both outfits have been very popular, especially the Defender GTX, which was the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year in 2010.

Probably the biggest news for 2013 and what surely will be another runaway hit for REV’IT! is the REV’IT! Sand II jacket (review). You may recall that the original REV’IT! Sand jacket (review) was first announced in this webBikeWorld preview.

REV’IT! fans will remember that the Sand outfit replaced the REV’IT! Off-Track jacket and Dakar pants (review) from way back in 2007.

So the Sand II is really an evolution of a popular line of REV’IT! jackets that are styled and designed with the Adventure Tourer in mind.

The 2013 Sand II jacket is loaded with features, including a new front vent system said to increase air flow by 200% over the original. And the Sand II may be “the” Adventure Touring jacket to have for 2013.

Attachment for Leatt and Moveo Neck Brace Systems

The Sand II jacket also comes standard with an attachment system front and rear to hold either the Leatt STX (review) or Moveo neck brace systems (photos below). The Moveo brace is designed to remain in place when jacket comes off — a definite convenience.

Modular Construction

The jacket also features the new REV’IT! modular construction, with several accessories that can be fitted if desired.

These include the new REV’IT! Challenger cooling vest (photo below), an optional but “must have” accessory that zips right into the jacket to keep the rider cool in very hot weather.

The Challenger cooling vest is also available as a separate vest that can be worn under any motorcycle jacket, and a Challenger cooling neck wrap and wrist wraps are also available for 2013.

And yet another “module” that can be added to the Sand II jacket is the new REV’IT! Connector HV (High Visibility) vest (review), seen in the photo below.

The Sand II has special adapters that allow the Connector HV vest to be added on and stay in place when the jacket goes on or off.

But it is also designed to be worn over any REV’IT! or other brand of jacket because it has hidden strap connectors also.

Connector HV High-Visibility Vest Module

The Connector HV meets the EN471 standard for high-visibility motorcycle clothing and it also includes a huge amount of surface area of the 3M Scotchlite reflective panels.

New REV’IT! Seesoft Back Protectors

And one more feature: the Sand II jacket (and other 2013 REV’IT! jackets) now have a back protector pocket that will fit either the new REV’IT! Seesoft Level 2 back protector (photo below) or ProLife back protectors.

The pockets will be marked with the type of protector that will fit, making it easy to install this important item of protective gear.

Having a back protector in a jacket is always a good idea, because it’s there whenever the jacket goes on so you don’t have to remember it.

More information on the Seesoft back protector system below.

Pricing and Availability

The Sand II jacket comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from black with a touch of silver to silver with black, blue, orange or red panels. The list price will be $489.00.

The 2013 Sand II jacket will be ready for retail after the first of the year.

REV'IT! Sand II Jacket Chest
REV’IT! Sand II jacket chest, with larger front vents, Connector HV vest attachments and double waist adjusters.
REV'IT! Sand II Jacket With Leatt Brace Front
Revi’t Sand II jacket with connectors for the Leatt Brace.
REV'IT! Sand II Jacket With Leatt Brace Rear
REV’IT! Sand II jacket with Leatt Brace, rear view.
REV'IT! Challenger Vest Insert
The new optional Challenger cooling vest insert attached to the Sand II jacket.

REV’IT! Levante Jacket

Also new for 2013 is the REV’IT! Levante jacket (review).

The word “Levant” is used to define a geographic area of the eastern Mediterranean, and “Levante” refers to a strong easterly wind that sometimes occurs in the western Mediterranean.

The Levante is what might be called a resurrection of the original REV’IT! Sirocco jacket (review), first previewed on webBikeWorld during the 2008 Dealer Expo.

The Sirocco was hugely popular and it was completely sold out. It’s not clear why REV’IT! discontinued the jacket, which was the first 3/4-length mesh jacket ever and it had a waterproof insert and foam pads to block the mesh for cool-weather use.

Now the Levante takes up where the Sirocco left off. Large mesh panels ensure good ventilation and the jacket also has a removable waterproof Hydratex thermal “2-in-1” liner.

Remove the liner and you can fit the Challenger cooling vest also in the Levante and it also has the new back protector pocket to fit the new Seesoft Level 2 or ProLife back protectors.

Full CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows completes the package, along with laminated reflective panels.

The Levante matches with the REV’IT! Airwave part-mesh pants for a nice summer outfit with good protection.

The Levante is available in men’s and women’s versions and it will have a list price of $299.99. Pre-orders are currently being accepted through the webBikeWorld affiliate link here at RevZilla.

REV'IT! Excalibur and Levante Jackets
The 2013 Revi’t Excalibur jacket on the left and the Levante on the right.
REV'IT! Levante Jacket Close-up
Close-up of the 2013 REV’IT! Levante jacket mesh panels.
REV'IT! Connector HV Vest
The HV vest module attached to the REV’IT! Sand II jacket in black.

REV’IT! Seesoft Back Protectors

(REV’IT! press release, edited by webBikeWorld) – The Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert (review) is designed to absorb multiple impacts without compromising on comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement.

Most REV’IT! jackets are designed to accommodate a Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector. Each jacket will have a label to specify which type of Seesoft back protector is suitable.

By applying a multiple-layer concept, REV’IT! has developed a flexible back protector insert that performs consistently in all conditions and is indifferent to temperature change (-20° C to +40° C / -4 F to +104 F).

The highly impact-resistant blend of Nitrile and Polynorbornene rubber results in a memory foam that is multi-impact rated and CE certified to the highest level (prEN 1621-2:2010 – Level 2).

In the case of severe angular impact, the individual “memory foam” four layers in the Seesoft back protector will shift relative to one another.

This results in impact dispersion over a larger effective surface area, and therefore minimizing the energy that is transmitted to the spine and back.

This flexibility also helps to make the Seesoft back more comfortable to the wearer.

Seesoft Properties
Seesafe Back Protector
The new 2013 REV’IT! Seesoft Level 2 back protector is an option to fit REV’IT! jackets.
Seesafe Back Protector Side View
The Seesoft back protector has four layers to add flexibility and comfort.

CE Level 2 Back Protection

The CE norm has been established to differentiate between the quality and effectiveness of the various back protectors on the market.

The draft European standard (prEN_1621-2) determines the minimum size of a protector and minimum shock absorption requirements.

The test is conducted by placing a back protector on a slightly arched anvil that is equipped with instruments for measuring impact forces.

A striker weighing 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds) is dropped on the protector from a height of one meter.

The device measuring the force will only measure the force underneath the protector — effectively gauging the energy, known as the residual force — that makes it through the protection to the rider.

The lower the residual force, the more effective the protector and the safer the rider.

After several test and multiple impacts, the residual force value must register no greater than 24 kN, and the average of all impacts must be below 18 kN. If it meets these criteria the protector is then qualified CE Level 1.

The CE Level 2 test is a more stringent safety standard that specifies12 kN for the maximum value of the registered force and 8 kN for the average value.

The average value of residual force with the Seesoft CE-level 2 back protectors is 5.6 kN, exceeding the Level 2 standard.

Seesoft Protector Sizes
Seesoft Protector Types
REV'IT! Seesoft Back Protector Layers Close-up

REV’IT! Sand Pro Gloves

REV’IT! is known for innovation and style and the new REV’IT! Sand Pro gloves (review) are a good example.

The company has always offered an extensive line of very nice motorcycle gloves and the Sand Pro gloves are the perfect match for the new Sand II jacket.

The gloves feature a new design developed by REV’IT! engineers.

The thermoplastic rubber main knuckle protector is very flexible and it’s also nicely ventilated. It flexes and moves with the hand, yet provides good impact protection.

The protector panel is injected directly on to the glove for a close fit with no stitching that can come loose in a crash.

The body of the glove is also highly breathable, with mesh panels covering the top. The palms are made from goatskin, with cow hide and other protectors and flexible panels included.

The Sand Pro gloves come in colors to match the Sand II jacket, including blue, orange, black, silver/black and red trim. The list price is $119.99 and the Sand Pro gloves are available for pre-order at RevZilla, the webBikeWorld affiliate.

REV'IT! Sand Pro Glove Close-up
The 2013 REV’IT! Sand Pro summer gloves with unique flexible and vented main knuckle padding.
REV'IT! Sand Pro Gloves
2013 REV’IT! Sand Pro gloves

REV’IT! Outback Jacket

UPDATE: REV’IT! Outback 2 Jacket Review

The Outback jacket is also new for 2013, it’s a mid-range jacket designed for Adventure Touring without a premium price. It includes detachable thermal and Hydratex waterproof liners.

Remove one or the other and the optional Challenger cooling vest can also be fitted.

The optional Seesoft Level 2 back protector will also fit in the special pocket in the Outback jacket and the Connector HV vest will clip on to the jacket shell also.

he Outback comes with Knox Flexiform CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor.

The Outback jacket will be available in black, black/silver and silver with black trim. It matches with the REV’IT! Enterprise 2 pants (review) ($189.99) to make an outfit. The list price is $349.99.

REV'IT! Outback Jacket
The 2013 REV’IT! Outback jacket.

REV’IT! Stellar and Galactic Jackets

REV'IT! Stellar and Galactic Jackets
The REV’IT! Stellar jacket (L) and Galactic jacket (R).

More new jackets include the REV’IT! Stellar and Galactic. The Stellar leather jacket is designed for sportbike and street riding.

It has a removable thermal liner and many different protective features on the exterior as well as the interior. It has a race/street fit and it’s ready for the optional Seesoft back protector also.

Colors include black with white and black with “Acid Green”. The Stellar jacket will mate to the REV’IT! Tarmac leather pants.

The Galactic leather/textile hybrid jacket is also new for 2013 and it comes in both men’s and women’s versions.

It has a tour/street cut similar to the REV’IT! Ignition 2 jacket and it comes with a Hydratex waterproof removable liner.

The Galactic jacket can also be fitted with the optional Challenger cooling vest and it mates to the Gear 2 or other REV’IT! pants.

The Galactic men’s jacket comes in black with white or white with black stripes. The women’s version comes in white with black and red trim or black with white trim.

List price is $499.99 and the men’s Galactic jacket and women’s Galactic jacket are both available for pre-order at RevZilla, the webBikeWorld affiliate.

REV'IT! Horizon Jacket
VCS (Variable Climate System) waterproof 3D vents on the REV’IT! Horizon jacket are a REV’IT! exclusive.

More REV’IT! Clothing for 2013

The REV’IT! line of leather one-piece suits is popular in Europe and REV’IT! also outfits several top level motorcycle racers.

For 2013, the leather suit lineup will include (from left to right in the photo below) the high-end REV’IT! Stingray race suit in white with red, white with black or black with white trim.

The Stingray ($1,499.99) race suit has been continuously evolved over the last four years during its use in MotoGP.

Next is the Hunter race suit ($1,299.99) in white with black and red trim or black with white and red trim. It has the high-end features of the Stingray but it’s cut for the “real world”.

My favorite, due to my riding habits (and body shape!) is the new Bullit suit ($999.99), which has a more relaxed profile and is designed for street and occasional track day use.

It’s available in white with red and black accents or black with white and red trim.

The REV’IT! one-piece leather suits have many nice details and, like all REV’IT! clothing, the styling blends with and “camouflages” the protective and comfort features.

We haven’t reviewed a REV’IT! leather suit but maybe the new Bullit may be on the list!

Of course, REV’IT! also has an extensive women’s motorcycle clothing collection, designed and styled specifically for women (i.e., not unisex).

More on the webBikeWorld Women’s Motorcycle Clothing Reviews index.

REV'IT! Leather Suit Collection
The 2013 REV’IT! one-piece leather suit collection. L to R: Stingray, Hunter black, Hunter white and Bullit.


As always, there’s lots more to the 2013 REV’IT! spring and summer clothing lineup and these are just some of the highlights.

We hope to have many reviews of the new REV’IT! 2013 clothing line as soon as it’s ready, so stay tuned!

Publication Date: December 2013

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From “P.W.” (December 2012): “I’ve been using a Sirocco as my primary jacket in all months except mid summer since 2008 and don’t understand why REV’IT! has discontinued it.

In almost 50 years of riding it is the most versatile jacket I’ve ever owned.

The Levant is not its replacement in any case for 2 reasons. First, the Sirocco is not in any sense a summer jacket for hot humid weather. Too heavy, too long, many other reasons.

It’s best from 70 on down to as low as you care to go with proper additions.

Second, the Levant lacks a thermal liner. Either an insulating liner or an electric jacket underneath is necessary, especially for long runs at temps under 40 F.

However, even with my Sirocco, my preferred thermal liner is the outstanding Roadgear Outlast jacket (review) that provides warmth out of all proportion to its minimal bulk as you noted in your original review of it. I expect it would work well under a Levant, also.

RevIt’s developed interest in selling evaporative cooling gear won’t generate many sales for them in the Southeast U.S. where I ride — the stuff is a nuisance in our climate and not worth the trouble.

When it’s hot and humid, I turn on my Veskimo. It works well and needs only 1 refill in a long riding day, easily bought at any gas station.”