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Vemar Helmets

2012 Vemar Helmets

Review Summary

Highlights of This Report:

  • New Vemar Storm Helmet announced.
  • Will be released in the U.S. at the 2012 Dealer Expo.
  • Many colors and bold graphics.


2012 Vemar Helmets

Vemar had a lot to show at the show! In addition to the Vemar Storm (First Look) and the Vemar Attivo Flip-up (First Look), they had some late stage prototypes of their new “Black Technology” line of helmets on display.

Black Technology represents the highest level of Vemar Helmet design and manufacture. The sinister-sounding name refers to the carbon fiber used to make the shell for the helmets in this range.

Vemar has a great deal of experience with manufacturing products using carbon fiber and other materials; the company began by making various products for the wine-making and plumbing industries and they make polycarbonate and composite fiber-based protective helmets for auto racing, the military and firefighting sectors, among others.

The carbon fiber used in the Black Technology helmets looked beautiful on the samples that were on display at the show. The first helmets in this range will be a Black Technology version of the Vemar Eclipse (review) and the Vemar Chimaera, which U.S. owners know as the Vemar Jiano EVO TC (review).

Vemar had another Black Technology helmet on display; it is an off-road version with highly stylized features that are different from just about any other off-road helmet I’ve seen.

I have included photos below; this helmet is in prototype development and some of the moldings are actually made from a type of Selective Laser Sintering rapid prototyping machine. In fact, they had an entire helmet shell that had been produced this way and it can also be seen in the photos below.

Other news from Vemar includes a slightly revised Eclipse with some of the boldest-looking intake and exhaust vents I’ve seen in a while (photo below), along with the new Vemar Storm (First Look)helmet line and the Vemar Attivo Flip-up (First Look), both described in separate articles.

And don’t forget the Vemar “Bluetooth Cheek Pad” system — it’s an entire Bluetooth communications system installed in a cheek pad, similar to the LED lighting cheek pad I described in the Vemar Jiano EVO TC review!

So, Vemar has been pretty busy — here are some photos of what they’ve been up to!

2012 Vemar Helmets

Vemar Chimaera and Vemar Attivo
“Black Technology” version of the Vemar Chimaera (Jiano EVO TC) on the left and the Vemar Attivo on the right.
Vemar Chimaera Black Technology
Vemar Chimaera Black Technology on the left and Attivo on the right with their flip-up visors raised.
Vemar Night Vision Chimaera
The “Night Vision” Chimaera (Jiano EVO TC) comes in this safety yellow that glows in the dark for up to 8 hours! It was difficult to see in the bright lighting in the Vemar booth but we placed it in a box and it looks pretty amazing. I hope to have one for a review!
Vemar Ecliipse Vents
Revised venting system on the Vemar Eclipse looks cool!
Vemar Black Technology Off-Road Prototypes
Black Technology off-road prototype and laser sintered shell.
Vemar Black Technology Off-Road
Black Technology off-road prototype and laser sintered shell.
Black Technology Off-Road Helmet Chin Bar
Close-up of Black Technology off-road helmet prototype chin bar, made with a laser sintering machine.
Black Technology Off-Road Helmet Front View
Black Technology off-road helmet prototype with laser sintered prototype trim.
Vemar Helmet Bluetooth Cheek Pad
Bluetooth Cheek Pad for Vemar helmets.
Vemar Bluetooth Intercom System Installed
Bluetooth Cheek Pad system installed. Note controller on bottom of cheek pad, keeping the shell smooth!
Vemar Helmet Bluetooth System
Front view of the Bluetooth Cheek Pad system installed.

Publication Date: November 21, 2011

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