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2012 AFX Helmets

New Colors and Sizes for 2012 AFX Helmets

June 23, 2011 (The Editor) –  Here’s a brief update on some of the new AFX Helmets for 2012.

Our AFX Helmets review series is nearly complete, with the FX-90 and Magnus large-sized helmet reviews coming soon to round out our look at the 2011 AFX helmet lineup.

The AFX FX Magnus is one of the few “big head” helmets made by any manufacturer.

It is available in 3XL and 4XL sizes only and the big news, if you’ll pardon the pun, is that the 2012 versions of the Magnus will be colorful, to say the least.

Large sized helmets are usually only available in black — if that — but AFX will be releasing the Magnus in Pearl White, Silver and Matte Black in addition to the standard Gloss Black.

The Magnus is based on the FX-90 we currently have in the evaluation process and I can tell you this much: the FX-90 offers a huge amount of value and goodness for very little money, and since the Magnus is basically a larger sized FX-90, that’s great news.

Even better is that the Magnus version of the FX-90 is hand made in fiberglass, rather than the polycarbonate used in the FX-90, to save some weight in the 3XL and 4XL sizes. The Magnus is otherwise identical to the FX-90, so everything we say about that will go for the Magnus. Even the face shield and other parts that fit the FX-90 will fit the Magnus.

And guess what? The new Magnus will meet both DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards! It will come with a “Micro Lock” quick-release chin strap, which is popular in Europe. So European motorcyclists will be well served with the FX-90 and Magnus lineup, now stretching from XS all the way up to 4XL sizes.

But wait — there’s even more! AFX has received excellent response from motorcyclists for the use of high-visibility colors in many of the AFX helmets for 2011, so for 2012 (late in 2011 actually), these color types will be expanded with the FX-90 becoming available in both the High-Vis Yellow and the Safety Orange shown above.

The AFX FX-50 (review) is currently available in High-Vis Yellow and the color proved to be so popular with riders that it was almost immediately sold out.

Safety Orange is an excellent high-visibility color because it doesn’t appear as “washed out” in direct daytime sunlight, so we’re really looking forward to that one for sure.

If the colors do well, and depending on feedback from Magnus owners, that helmet may also be made in at least one high-visibility color. So big head riders, make sure you make your voices heard by dropping a line to AFX!

The AFX FX-39DS (review), which is currently available in the High-Vis Yellow, will also be made in the Safety Orange and a bright red solid color for 2012, with availability starting in the Fall of 2011.

In other news, AFX is releasing a new FX-140 flip-up helmet in late fall of 2011, and once more, that one will be available in High-Vis yellow and the Safety Orange color! So AFX is really getting out ahead on the current trend towards better visibility for motorcyclists.

And finally, AFX is planning on an innovative solution for making helmet fit adjustable. They may well be the only company in the world to offer infinitely adjustable helmet fit on helmets costing less than $200.00!

More 2012 AFX news just in: the AFX FX-39DS (review) Dual Sport helmet will be made in 3XL and 4XL sizes! With the FX-Magnus for street, the FX-17 Big Head off-road helmet and the FX-39DS “Big Head”, AFX has the market cornered for sure.

This is all really great news from AFX and as we’ve described in our current AFX Helmet review series, the quality of their helmets has improved dramatically but the helmets are an outstanding value, a superb formula for success in my book!

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