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1979 Honda Trail 90 For Sale on Bring a Trailer

1979 Honda Trail 90

Get Your Vintage Trail Bike Now

Honda is bringing back the classic trail bike in the new CT125, but the company hasn’t committed to bringing it to North America yet. It likely will eventually, but right now all we can do is sit and wait, right? Wrong. You can get the trail bike you need right now. This 1979 Honda Trail 90 is for sale on Bring a Trailer

the bike offers an 89cc single-cylinder engine with a dual-range four-speed transmission. It’s a semi-auto, so you have no clutch. Pop the gears and go, baby! This particular model looks to be in excellent condition. It’s painted red with a scrambler exhaust and is a two-owner bike. The first owner had it in Pennsylvania until 2019. From there it was purchased by the seller only months ago. It has a clear Pennsylvania title.

The bike only shows 460 miles. 10 of those miles have been added since 2019. There are numerous shots of the bike on BaT and it looks to be in excellent condition. There’s only one day left for bidding and the price tag is already up to $3,000. If it climbs too much higher, you’ll be in line with what you could end up paying for a new CT125 that could come in future years, but this vintage Trail 90 is of course cooler than any new bike could ever be.