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1000 Dunas: World’s Safest Desert Raid To Partner With Triumph

A view of a racer in the 1000 Dunas raid traversing desert dunes on a sunny day

Triumph has become the official sponsor of the 1000 Dunas – and the partnership will guarantee quality bikes to the participants of the world’s safest desert-based motorcycle venture. 

Since March 2020, the earth has been changing, adapting, and rebalancing.

In a world where nothing is guaranteed, it’s a relief to know that riders still have the opportunity to zone in on hot desert hills and long days of riding for peace in solitude, powering through miles of parched land in the pursuit of speed, power, and ego. 

The three-year-old 1000 Dunas doesn’t just provide a safe alternative for riders looking to brave the wild beyond.

A view of three racers in the 1000 Dunas raid traversing desert dunes behind a caravan of camels

The 1000 Dunas’s Sporting Director is an 11-time ex-Dakar rider and jet pilot for the Spanish Air Force, Miguel Puertas – a man more than happy to bring the memories and royal genetics of the Dakar Rally into the reality of the 1000 Dunas via unique routes that test each participant to the max. 

The 1000 Dunas provides a perfect package to anybody willing to muscle through the miles – they even have several routes to choose from; Classic, Trail, Hard Trail, Endurance, Pro, and Pro Elite. 

A view of a racer in the 1000 Dunas raid traversing desert dunes on a sunny day; all rights reserved

All routes are guaranteed to be 90% trail-free and will bless the rider with anywhere from 1500 to 2500 miles of virgin land – theirs to camp in Bedouin tents and traverse as fast (or as slow) as they see fit. 

This is where Triumph comes in.

The UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer will be offering their Tiger line to be used in the raid, with each rider safely tracked using the Stella III EVO security system

a map fo the 1000 Dunas. routes, complete with an image of a racer traversing desert dunes at the bottom of the map.

The 1000 Dunas route will take riders from Granada, across the Mediterranean Sea, and past the most remote, arid areas of Morocco and the Merzouga desert, with a waiting finish line back in Granada.

A heads up – the raid still has some slots left, and this year’s event promises to be a grand restatement of beautiful memories and even more beautiful views. 

a view of the attending participants of the 2018 1000 Dune motorcycle raid. Here, motorcycles are parked in a circle in anticipation of the trip

To quote a well-placed sentence on 1000 Dunas’s website:

“Victory is pushing your limits” (Gerard Farres) 

A view of a racer, the winner of the 2018 1000 Dunas raid, and Sports Director of 1000 Dunas, Miguel Puertas.
A view of an unknown racer, Margot Llobera, and Sports Director of 1000 Dunas, Miguel Puertas.

To inquire, head over to the 1000 Dunas’s website for more information.