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Trevor FTR Stella Is an Electric Flat Tracker

Trevor FTR Stella

A Cool Electric Bike

Most electric bikes fit into a few different categories it’s they’re either small commuter machines or they offer something on the complete another end of the spectrum and usually a sportbike. The Trevor FTR Stella is a little different.

This bike is an electric flat track racer. Coming from Trevor Motorcycles, the FTR Stella looks a lot like the Indian FTR 1200 but electric. The bike has a trellis frame, a 2.6kWh battery, and a 165 lb curb weight. The top speed is only 50 mph, but the bike offers 110 lb-ft of torque.

Where the gas tank in on a typical gas bike, the Stella gets a storage compartment if you don’t want to add an additional battery pack. The bike also gets Ohlins STX front and rear suspension, Excel rims, and Dunlop DT3 flat track tires.

The only unfortunate thing about this bike is the price. It has a base price of $14,495, which seems high for what you get in this package. The again, I don’t know if any other electric flat track motorcycles out there right now. It looks like a great bike, and maybe Trevor will offer a version with some disrespect wheels and suspension to get the price down. I’d love to see that.