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Motorcycle Video Camera Reviews

Motorcycle Video Camera Reviews
wBW Motorcycle Video Camera Reviews

This page includes a listing of our motorcycle video camera reviews and accessory reviews. Note that motorcycle video cameras currently fall into three shape categories: tubular, square and box shape.

The "perfect" motorcycle video camera hasn't yet been invented, and mounting can be an issue, so keep that in mind when choosing a camera! Reviews are listed from most recent to oldest.

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Closest thing to a GoPro you'll find but at 1/3 the price. Includes an easy-to-use menu system and good WiFi connectivity!

Very easy to use and includes an excellent helmet mounting system and a microphone and speaker for voiceovers. Plus, the Tube takes outstanding quality video.

A two-camera front and rear onboard video camera recording "dash cam" system designed specifically for motorcycles works really well. Includes on-road day and night, front and rear video samples.

A Quick Look at using three different action cams to record front and rear simultaneous video on a motorcycle. Includes a preview of our upcoming INNOVV K1 dash cam system with front/rear recording and GPS recording and map playback.

Inexpensive action camera with an enthusiastic online community has an easy-to-use software app that allows extensive customization of many features.

Is it an InterCam? A VideoCom? The Sena 10C is one of a kind, an intercom with built-in video camera! First impressions of this new device.

The C3 has a remote lens separate from the camera body for mounting options on a motorcycle. It also has continuous loop recording capability.

One of the best form factors in a motorcycle action camera captures outstanding quality video in a variety of formats.

Solid build quality, an excellent helmet mount system, plenty of included accessories and excellent video quality.

Tiny little action camera takes surprisingly good video. Now if you can only figure out a way to mount it, you'd be golden.

A new action camera with a rugged build needs no waterproof housing and takes very good quality video. Has built-in WiFi and more.

It's an action camera with a built-in intercom...or vice-versa! Another unique product from the minds at Sena.

Radical new design communicates with and controlled by a Bluetooth 4.0 intercom system. Sena GoPro Pack (review) now adds the same capability to a GoPro camera!

New features include WiFi connectivity, a new mounting rail system and more. But has the video quality improved from the XTC300? Read the review to find out!

Outstanding video and photo quality with excellent exposure and color rendition, along with "smooth" video, make this a winner. Includes a live view LCD and WiFi!

Super solid build quality points to high-quality video but the Garmin VIRB doesn't deliver, at least in its first iteration. Can a new firmware upgrade improve the score?

Solid build quality and IP7 water-resistant. Here's a quick preview of the brand-new Garmin VIRB action camera.

Super-small camera with surprisingly good video quality and a reasonable price. Takes video and 12MP still photos.

Excellent video quality with smooth rendition and very accurate color representation and exposure, all at a great price.

Fantastic video quality and a legacy design that has its quirks mark the new top-of-the-line camera.

Sony dives into the action cam market with a disappointing result.

More new "mini" video camera mounts were recently reviewed.

JVC GC-XA1 Video Camera Review

The  JVC GC-XA1 is also our new class leader for motorcycle "action" camera video quality.

Delkin Wingman Review

A few interesting features with very good video quality. Not quite the equal of the class leaders though.

This 2011 webBikeWorld Product of the Year is a beautifully made camera that takes excellent quality video.

Smaller version of the Drift HD170 (review) doesn't really add anything new.

Here's a look at the popular Delkin "Fat Gecko" and PanaVise suction cup mounts.

The unique bendable shape of the Gorillapod makes a good on-the-road tripod and it grabs all sorts of irregular shapes.

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Unfortunately, VHoldr is no longer with us but the cameras can still be found.

Add a visual menu system to your GoPro camera!

Ultra-tiny and cheap video camera is kind of fun.

Good quality video and an easy-to-use waterproof housing.

Big, heavy and not all that great.

A strange "pancake" format records good quality video.

One of the most popular action cameras of its day and the first with a live view.

The square GoPro format is now available with HD recording.

Easy-to-use Drift format but no HD.

Probaly the best form factor for motorcycle use.

A "cheater" HD camera with a wide angle lens.

Another "pancake" style video camera not really suited for motorcycle use.

Tube shaped camera can work on a motorcycle helmet.

The original GoPro with SD format video recording.

And the original VHoldr video camera but with old-school SD video.

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