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American Industries Excel Metal Cleaner & Polish

Excel Metal Cleaner

Manufacturer: American Industries Retail Price: Unknown
Type: Aerosol can, 15 oz. (425 g) Made In: U.S.A.
Category:  Metal polish
Manufacturer's Information
Claims - "Cleans grease, water marks, fingerprints, oil, film".
For Use On - Stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, copper, brass.
Claimed Features - "Locks out oxidation and leaves an invisible protective coating".
Application -  Spray sparingly on a clean cloth, wipe and polish. 
Our Opinions
American Industries (Lumberton, North Carolina) is a large manufacturer of many different types of industrial cleaners and solvents.  We were contacted by them and they suggested we pick a selection of products to try for motorcycle use. 

Excel Cleaner & Polish does an acceptable job of polishing chrome parts, mufflers and wheels.  It leaves a greasy type of residue that seems hard to remove with a clean cloth. 

It's hard to compare these types of spray chrome and metal cleaners, because just about any one of them will leave a decent-looking finish.

Score:  2/5

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