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Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires
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wBW Motorcycle Tire Reviews

wBW Motorcycle Tire Reviews: Shinko 016 Verge 2X Review  |  Michelin Anakee III Review  |  Michelin T63 Review  |  Michelin Pilot Road 3 Review  | Continental TKC 80 Tire Review  |  Metzeler Lasertec Tires Review  |  GT1000 Tire Replacement  |  Pirelli MT60 Corsa Review (Kawasaki Versys)  |  Avon Storm Tires on a Yamaha FJR 1300  |  Michelin Pilot Road 2 Tire Review  |  Pirelli MT60 Corsa tires for the Kawasaki Versys

Tire Accessory Reviews: Stubby Tire Tools Review  |  Cargol Turn & Go Flat Tire Repair Tool Review  |  Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Wheels  |  Metal Valve Caps

More: Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauges and Air Compressors

Motorcycle Tire Changer Reviews: Cycle Hill Motorcycle Tire Changer review  |  NoMar Motorcycle Tire Changer Review

Motorcycle Tire Wheel Balancer Reviews:  Tachyon motorcycle wheel balancer review  |  Video of the No-Mar motorcycle tire changer  |  Marc Parnes Motorcycle Wheel Balancer  | Tire & Wheel Balancer

Motorcycle TPMS Reviews:  Doran 360M TPMS Review  |  TireGard Wireless TPMS

Motorcycle Tire Air Pump Reviews:  Slime vs. AirMan Sparrow Air Compressors  |  Zefal Alaskan Floor Air Pump  |  Motorcycle Tire Air Pump Comparison  |    Planet Bike Mini Versair Pump    Mini Foot Pump Tire Air Pump  |  Cheap and Portable Air Compressor

Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauge Reviews:  Roadgear Programmable Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Roadgear Accutire Ultra Hi-Tec Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Oxford Digi Gauge  |  Compact Digital Air Pressure Gauge  |  Craftsman "Programmable" Digital Tire Gauge  |  Roadgear Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Revised Roadgear Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Roadgear Hi-Tec Tire Pressure Gauge  |  Roadgear Programmable Tire Pressure Gauge

Scooter Tires: On the wBW Scooter Tires Page  |  Hard-to-find 140/70-16 Scooter Tire

Dual Sport and Adventure Touring Tires: wBW report on Dual Sport Tires with info and photos.

Motorcycle Tire Sizes: See the wBW Motorcycle Tire Size Comparison Page  |  Motorcycle Tire Sizes

Re-Spoking Motorcycle Wheels: Adventures in Re-Spoking  |  Re-Building and Lacing Spoked Wheels


Motorcycle Tire News: New Italian tire company now in the U.S.A. with niche tires, including off-road, dual-sport and sportbike tires - Golden Tyre  |  Michelin Anakee III Preview  |  Continental RoadAttack 2 CR tires dominate 2012 classic motorcycle racing  |  Michelin Announces Commander II Tires  |  Free Motorcycle Industry Council MIC Motorcycle Tire Guide now available  |  Shinko Smoke Bomb tires produce colored burnouts!  |  DuDunlop Roadsmart tires now approved for the BMW R 1200 RT-P Police motorcycle  |  Three New Bridgestone Tires Announced  |  Avon announces new Viper line of sport and supersport motorcycle tires  |  Avon Tires for Triumph Thruxton

Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers: Most manufacturer websites have tire selection tools to help pick the right tire for your bike  |  Avon - Avon fitment guide  |  Bridgestone also has a fitment guide  |  Cheng Shin is now known as Maxxis with relatively inexpensive modern and vintage tires  |  Coker - vintage motorcycle (and cage) tires |  Continental - motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes  |  Dunlop - Dunlop tire catalog  |  Goodtime Tire & Rubber - tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires  |  Heidenau Tires in Germany  IRC Tires  |  Kenda Tires  |  Mefo Tires in Germany (another "nobody ever heard of them so they must be good" brand)  |  Metzeler  |  Michelin tires, fitment guide, mounting new and oversize tires, speed ratings, mounting automobile tires on bikes and more  |  Mitas Motorcycle Tires are made in Eastern Europe and the U.S.A. Mitas motorcycle tires are available through MX1 in Canada  |  Pirelli - products, fitments and FAQ's

Interesting Tire Products: Motorcycle tire chains or "snow claws" for hard-core winter riding!  |  Here's a short article describing the process of sealing spoked wheels  |  New monitoring system for motorcycle tire pressures introduced by SmarTire  |  Tireflys replace the valve stem and light up as the tire rotates  |  Cycle Tires r re-manufactures motorcycle tires using your choice of carcass; the Tomahawk tires are DOT approved and come in black and various colors to match your bike!

Supermoto Tires - Supermotard Tires: Maxxis now has several versions of Supermoto tires, from slicks to different treaded compounds

Tires - Tyres for Classic, Antique, Vintage Motorcycles: Lambrook Tyres (aka Classic Bike Tyres) has many different and hard-to-find tyres - tires for antique and vintage motorcycles; they carry some of the very old and rare tire sizes that are hard to find  |  Vintage Tyre Supplies (U.K.) has a large selection of tires, racing tires, wheels, tubes and accessories for vintage and antique motorcycles (Note: are they still in business?)  |  Barum-Mitas vintage motorcycle tires in street and trials vintage treads; sizes 250x19 to 400x18 plus tubes; call Michael Cushion in Norwich, Norfolk at 01508 499718 (UK)  |  Coker Tires has vintage motorcycle (and cage) tires  |  Goodtime Tire & Rubber - tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires  |  21st Century Tires is an exporter/wholesaler for "Wanda" vintage tires in many sizes (including 3.25x18 for 1951 Indian Scouts!)  |  Vintage Motorcycle Tires; in Japanese, but tire brands and models are in English  |  Try Vintage Tyre Supplies; they seem to have a collection of vintage tyres for motorcycles and automobiles  |  Cheng Shin is now Maxxis  |  Continental - motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes  |  Universal Vintage Tire has motorcycle tires for vintage, classic and antique motorcycles  |  Antique Tyres (Australia) has tires for vintage and antique motorcycles  |  J&P Cycles has some tires for vintage motorcycles, including the Continental K112 and RB2, Dunlop D402, Diamond Tread by Coker in size 4.00x19, and Super Eagle replica tires  |  Watling Tyres classic and racing tires for motorcycles

Motorcycle Tire Reviews: MotoTire Reviews has user ratings for different brands and types of motorcycle tires  |  Lots of owner reviews of motorcycle tires at Motorcycle Tire Reviews including reviews of bias ply tires  |  Dunlop's new GT501 is the replacement for the much-beloved K591; it appears to be a great successor - here's a review on the Classic Bikes site

All About Tires: Dunlop's Tire Tech 101 has information on tires, tire construction, sizing systems and more  |  Online tour of the Dunlop tire plant

Motorcycle Clothing and Gear
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Online Motorcycle Tire Retailers:  Tire purchasing tips - Make sure your tires are in stock before you finalize the order.  Get a confirmed shipping date.  Always use a credit card (don't pay by cash or check!).  Make sure your credit card will not be charged until the tires are actually shipped.  Be careful of shipping and handling charges; also, some retailers will add on a percentage of the sales price as an added "handling" charge.  Be careful and ask first!  

Motorcycle Racing Tires - Slicks: AmericanMotoTire carries motorcycle racing tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  |  Bare Bones carries Bridgestone race tires and slicks

Motorcycle Tires: Motorcycle Superstore is a webBikeWorld affiliate and has tons of tires with many user reviews; fast delivery at good prices  |  Plenty of motorcycle tires at Competition Accessories, another webBikeWorld affiliate  |  Motorcycle tires at RevZilla, another webBikeWorld affiliate  |  And don't forget Motorcycle Tires, a webBikeWorld affiliate with motorcycle tires offered by many different well-known retailers

More Motorcycle Tire Retailers: Here is an unqualified list of motorcycle tire retailers based on visitor feedback. We make no claims regarding these dealers, either good or bad.  If we receive a complaint about a dealer, that link will be removed from this list...Don't forget, you may have a totally different experience, either better or worse than those listed below!  |  AmericanMotoTire carries motorcycle tires and scooter tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Cheng Shin, Dunlop, GBC, IRC, Kenda, Maxxis, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  |  Chaparral Motorsports has various brands and seems to be a nice place to do business with reasonable shipping and handling rates  |  Discount Motorcycle Tire - no longer in business  |  Island Racing Services is a Michelin tire specialist with motorcycle racing tires and expertise  |  Southwest Moto Tires sells tires at pretty big discounts and offers free shipping if you buy a pair; they get very good ratings from wBW visitors  |  SportBike Track Gear claims to have the "best" Michelin tire prices; they also claim all tires in stock, ready to ship  |  Tire Express is also popular with webBikeWorld readers  |  Tires-n-Stuff lists many tires by the motorcycle model, rather than size; they carry many original equipment tires  

U.K. Motorcycle Tyres: FWR claims to have "Britain's Cheapest Tyres"; they sell Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli; also sprockets, chains and more  |  Motorcycle Tyres UK carries Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  | aims to "provide the cheapest possible prices on new tyres" with special deals on front/rear pairs of motorcycle tyres

Motorcycle Tire Recalls: Metzeler Sportec Tires recalled 

BMW Motorcycle Tire Reviews: Read this wBW article on tires for BMW Airheads and the R65  |  Scott Conary's site that reviews tires for various BMW models  |  Metzeler Sportec M-1 tire review  

Motorcycle Wheels: Central Wheel Components claims to be "Europe's largest stockist of Motorcycle Wheel Rims, Spokes & Nipples"; they also build custom wheels  

Motorcycle Tires
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Motorcycle wheel repair
Photo courtesy of M.C. Wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Straightening: Mark Moran, owner of M.C. Wheel,has straightened over 15,000 auto and motorcycle wheels since 1991; he's designed his own equipment to do the job; see how Mark does it in this wBW article on motorcycle wheel straightening  |  Motorcycle wheel repair at the Wheelmaster  |  Motorcycle Wheel Repair by Frame Straight System; claimed to be able to straighten wheels to within 0.001" runout  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Wheels page for more information   

Motorcycle Tire Changers: See the wBW review of the No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer, which is ideal for those who commute by motorcycle and have to mount several tires per year  |  The Cycle Hill motorcycle tire changer looks pretty nice and it retails for less than $500.00 for the entire kit  |  How to install a motorcycle tire without tools (YouTube video)

Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauges and Pumps: Now on its own wBW page with lots of information and links

Motorcycle Tire Pressure: Nice article on the Mid-Atlantic Ducati club's website regarding best tire pressures for motorcycles  

Motorcycle Tire Sealants: Ride-On Tire Protection System is a sealant that is claimed to permanently punctured tires  |  Ultraseal Tire Sealer (U.K.)

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