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Motorcycle Tire Reviews
webBikeWorld Motorcycle Tire Reviews

This page lists our motorcycle tire reviews, motorcycle wheel balancer reviews, tire pressure gauge reviews, tire changing tool reviews and lots more!

Motorcycle Tire Reviews

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Motorcycle Tire Accessory Reviews

Stubby Tire Tools Review

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Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Wheels

Metal Valve Caps

Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauges and Air Compressors

Motorcycle Tire Changer Reviews

Cycle Hill Motorcycle Tire Changer Review

NoMar Motorcycle Tire Changer Review

Motorcycle Tire Wheel Balancer Reviews

Tachyon Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Review

Video of the No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer

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Tire & Wheel Balancer

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Reviews

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Motorcycle Tire Air Pump Reviews

All wBW Motorcycle Tire Air Pumps and Compressor Reviews

Air Pressure Gauge Reviews

All wBW Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauge Reviews

Scooter Tire Reviews

wBW Scooter Tires Page

Hard-to-find 140/70-16 Scooter Tire

Dual-Sport and Adventure-Touring Tire Reviews

wBW report on Dual Sport Tires with info and photos.

Motorcycle Tire Sizes

See the wBW Motorcycle Tire Size Comparison Page

Motorcycle Tire Sizes

Re-Spoking Motorcycle Wheels

Adventures in Re-Spoking

Re-Building and Lacing Spoked Wheels

Motorcycle Tire News

Mitas Sport Force+ Announced  |  Michelin Anakee III Preview  |  Michelin Announces Commander II Tires  |  Free Motorcycle Industry Council MIC Motorcycle Tire Guide now available

Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers

Most manufacturer websites have tire selection tools to help pick the right tire for your bike  |  Avon - Avon fitment guide  |  Bridgestone also has a fitment guide  |  Cheng Shin is now known as Maxxis with relatively inexpensive modern and vintage tires  |  Coker - vintage motorcycle (and cage) tires |  Continental - motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes  |  Dunlop - Dunlop tire catalog  |  Goodtime Tire & Rubber - tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires  |  Heidenau Tires in Germany  IRC Tires  |  Italian Classic Tires has new tires for vintage bikes using old-school tread patterns  |  Kenda Tires  |  Mefo Tires in Germany (another "nobody ever heard of them so they must be good" brand)  |  Metzeler  |  Michelin tires, fitment guide, mounting new and oversize tires, speed ratings, mounting automobile tires on bikes and more  |  Mitas Motorcycle Tires are made in Eastern Europe and the U.S.A. Mitas motorcycle tires are available through MX1 in Canada  |  Pirelli - products, fitments and FAQ's

Interesting Tire Products

Motorcycle tire chains or "snow claws" for hard-core winter riding!  |  Here's a short article describing the process of sealing spoked wheels  |  New monitoring system for motorcycle tire pressures introduced by SmarTire  |  Tireflys replace the valve stem and light up as the tire rotates  |  Cycle Tires r re-manufactures motorcycle tires using your choice of carcass; the Tomahawk tires are DOT approved and come in black and various colors to match your bike!

Supermoto Tires - Supermotard Tires

Maxxis now has several versions of Supermoto tires, from slicks to different treaded compounds

Tires - Tyres for Classic, Antique, Vintage Motorcycles

Lambrook Tyres (aka Classic Bike Tyres) has many different and hard-to-find tyres - tires for antique and vintage motorcycles; they carry some of the very old and rare tire sizes that are hard to find  |  Vintage Tyre Supplies (U.K.) has a large selection of tires, racing tires, wheels, tubes and accessories for vintage and antique motorcycles (Note: are they still in business?)  |  Barum-Mitas vintage motorcycle tires in street and trials vintage treads; sizes 250x19 to 400x18 plus tubes; call Michael Cushion in Norwich, Norfolk at 01508 499718 (UK)  |  Coker Tires has vintage motorcycle (and cage) tires  |  Goodtime Tire & Rubber - tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires  |  21st Century Tires is an exporter/wholesaler for "Wanda" vintage tires in many sizes (including 3.25x18 for 1951 Indian Scouts!)  |  Vintage Motorcycle Tires; in Japanese, but tire brands and models are in English  |  Try Vintage Tyre Supplies; they seem to have a collection of vintage tyres for motorcycles and automobiles  |  Cheng Shin is now Maxxis  |  Continental - motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes  |  Universal Vintage Tire has motorcycle tires for vintage, classic and antique motorcycles  |  Antique Tyres (Australia) has tires for vintage and antique motorcycles  |  J&P Cycles has some tires for vintage motorcycles, including the Continental K112 and RB2, Dunlop D402, Diamond Tread by Coker in size 4.00x19, and Super Eagle replica tires  |  Watling Tyres classic and racing tires for motorcycles

Motorcycle Tire Reviews

MotoTire Reviews has user ratings for different brands and types of motorcycle tires  |  Lots of owner reviews of motorcycle tires at Motorcycle Tire Reviews including reviews of bias ply tires  |  Dunlop's new GT501 is the replacement for the much-beloved K591; it appears to be a great successor - here's a review on the Classic Bikes site

All About Tires

Dunlop's Tire Tech 101 has information on tires, tire construction, sizing systems and more  |  Online tour of the Dunlop tire plant

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Online Motorcycle Tire Retailers

Tire purchasing tips - Make sure your tires are in stock before you finalize the order.  Get a confirmed shipping date.  Always use a credit card (don't pay by cash or check!).  Make sure your credit card will not be charged until the tires are actually shipped.  Be careful of shipping and handling charges; also, some retailers will add on a percentage of the sales price as an added "handling" charge.  Be careful and ask first!  

Motorcycle Racing Tires - Slicks

AmericanMotoTire carries motorcycle racing tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  |  Bare Bones carries Bridgestone race tires and slicks

Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires at RevZilla, another webBikeWorld affiliate  |  And don't forget Motorcycle Tires, a webBikeWorld affiliate with motorcycle tires offered by many different well-known retailers

More Motorcycle Tire Retailers

Here is an unqualified list of motorcycle tire retailers based on visitor feedback. We make no claims regarding these dealers, either good or bad.  If we receive a complaint about a dealer, that link will be removed from this list...Don't forget, you may have a totally different experience, either better or worse than those listed below!  |  AmericanMotoTire carries motorcycle tires and scooter tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Cheng Shin, Dunlop, GBC, IRC, Kenda, Maxxis, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  |  Chaparral Motorsports has various brands and seems to be a nice place to do business with reasonable shipping and handling rates  |  Discount Motorcycle Tire - no longer in business  |  Island Racing Services is a Michelin tire specialist with motorcycle racing tires and expertise  |  Southwest Moto Tires sells tires at pretty big discounts and offers free shipping if you buy a pair; they get very good ratings from wBW visitors  |  SportBike Track Gear claims to have the "best" Michelin tire prices; they also claim all tires in stock, ready to ship  |  Tire Express is also popular with webBikeWorld readers  |  Tires-n-Stuff lists many tires by the motorcycle model, rather than size; they carry many original equipment tires  

U.K. Motorcycle Tyres

FWR claims to have "Britain's Cheapest Tyres"; they sell Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli; also sprockets, chains and more  |  Motorcycle Tyres UK carries Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  | aims to "provide the cheapest possible prices on new tyres" with special deals on front/rear pairs of motorcycle tyres

BMW Motorcycle Tire Reviews

Read this wBW article on tires for BMW Airheads and the R65  |  Scott Conary's site that reviews tires for various BMW models  |  Metzeler Sportec M-1 tire review  

Motorcycle Wheels

Central Wheel Components claims to be "Europe's largest stockist of Motorcycle Wheel Rims, Spokes & Nipples"; they also build custom wheels  

Motorcycle Tires
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Motorcycle wheel repair
Photo courtesy of M.C. Wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Straightening: Mark Moran, owner of M.C. Wheel,has straightened over 15,000 auto and motorcycle wheels since 1991; he's designed his own equipment to do the job; see how Mark does it in this wBW article on motorcycle wheel straightening  |  Motorcycle wheel repair at the Wheelmaster  |  Motorcycle Wheel Repair by Frame Straight System; claimed to be able to straighten wheels to within 0.001" runout  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Wheels page for more information   

Motorcycle Tire Changers: See the wBW review of the No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer, which is ideal for those who commute by motorcycle and have to mount several tires per year  |  The Cycle Hill motorcycle tire changer looks pretty nice and it retails for less than $500.00 for the entire kit  |  How to install a motorcycle tire without tools (YouTube video)

Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauges and Pumps

See the wBW Motorcycle Tire Air Pressure Gauge and Pump Reviews

Motorcycle Tire Pressure

Nice article on the Mid-Atlantic Ducati club's website regarding best tire pressures for motorcycles  

Motorcycle Tire Sealants

Ride-On Tire Protection System is a sealant that is claimed to permanently punctured tires  |  Ultraseal Tire Sealer (U.K.)

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