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2016 BMW Scooter Photos

2016 BMW C650GT and C650 Sport Photos
2015 AIMExpo, Orlando, Florida
by Rick K. for

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  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Front Quarter View
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Side View
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Front View
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Rear
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Headlights
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Exhaust
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Floorboards
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Front Fender
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Fuel Filler
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Instruments
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Seat 2
  • 2016 BMW C650 Sport Seat
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Side View
  • 2016 BMW C650GT White Front Quarter View
  • 2016 BMW C650GT
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Front Rear
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Handlebar
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Instruments
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Rear
  • 2016 BMW C650GT Seat

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Publication Date: November 2015

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From "B.P." (November 2015): "I'm still disappointed that the BMW scooters don't come with cruise control, which is a make-or-break requirement for me.

The C 650 GT, in particular, is supposed to be a touring two-wheeler, right? This subject happen to come up in any conversation you had at AIMExpo?"

Rick's Reply: Didn't ask but sent an email, waiting for a response...

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