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Zero Teases the New SR/S Electric Motorcycle

Zero SR/S

Another Model in the Lineup

Zero Motorcycles sent out an email about its upcoming new bike. The name of that model? The SR/S. This is not to be confused with the SR/F that the company started teasing around this time last year. That bike is the most-advanced motorcycle that Zero has ever produced, and the SR/S could be even more impressive.

There’s no information out there about the bike right now. It looks like electrek received the same email and is just as in the dark as I am. The one thing I do know is the release date. The new bike is supposed to come out on February 24, 2020. That’s honestly not too far away, and you should expect to see more teasers as that date draws near.

So, what do I think the SR/S will be? An electric street bike. The images that Zero sent out seem to be of city riding environments so, that could be a clue as to what this bike will be. A commuter motorcycle for urbanites? Maybe. I doubt it would be another high-powered machine that pushes the envelope like the SR/F, but it could be an even more sporty version of that bike. Personally, I’d be more interested in a budget-minded Zero motorcycle with respectable range and city-focused performance. Time will tell, and I don’t have too much time to wait. You can check out the teaser at Zero’s website.