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Zero Motorcycles Joins EV Collaborative Effort With Viatec

Zero’s EV R&D Brings All The Boys To The Yard

“I could teach you, but I’d have to charge”. Zero is on a roll with the sheer volume of collaboration efforts they have involved themselves in as of late. I guess that when you have the best EV bike on the market, other OEM’s will want to take that research and use it to their own advantage as well.

Polaris came together with the American EV motorcycle company recently to bring the world its first fully electric 4-wheel Ranger. In addition to the offroad 4×4 collaboration, Zero has been busy at work with Reneos on a battery recycling system as well as Exro to develop a new EV powertrain.

Finally, Viatec has entered the ring and has signed a 10-year agreement to bring Zero’s powertrains into their SmartPTO system. The SmartPTO is a modular system designed to integrate into existing vehicles and machines to bring EV power to fleet vehicles across America. Lifts, cranes, auxiliary power, outlets for tools, and all kinds of field-use tools can be powered with this system. Zero’s tech can play a key part in streamlining this system to bring the most efficient power storage and delivery possible.