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Youtuber ‘Mike on Bikes’ Gives Us a Detailed Look Into the History of Helmets

Mike On Bikes Evolution of the Helmet

How Much Do You Really Know About Motorcycle Helmets?

The first petrol-fueled motorcycle was built by Daimler Reitwagen in1885. Humans have always had an affinity for speed and competition; naturally, it was only a matter of time until we started riding our new invention a little too recklessly, right?

I think that question goes without answering because in the following decade after the motorcycle’s inception we experienced an explosion in the popularity of us racing these machines. Motorcycles provided us with a cheap way to compete with each other, tinker, and show off to our friends.

Fast forward to 1907; Isle of man is having its first race. Things are getting wild. Our lust for competition has brought us to the pinnacle of danger. Countless have died, and until something changes the death toll as a result of riding motorcycles is sure to skyrocket.

After a long and dangerous 7 years of annual Isle of Man TT races, the first motorcycle helmet was finally invented (1914). Honestly, sometimes I cringe when I think about how naive humans really are. There is a huge 29 year invention gap between motorcycle and helmet. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Definitely the chicken in this case judging by the fatality rate of riders in the earlier days.

Mike on Bikes new video does a fantastic job covering the entire history of the motorcycle helmet; past present and future. It’s a well-informed video that will take you through the confusing twists and turns in the helmet story, with additional info on the different safety certification processes of today.

Mike does a great job covering the little scraps of history and information that lead us to today’s helmet innovations. This morning I squeezed on my $1000 Shoei helmet for my morning coffee run and didn’t think once about my head’s safety in a worst-case scenario. We have come so far in testing procedures and technology when it comes to ensuring the safety of the rider and for that, I am happy to be riding in 2020 (instead of 1914 of course).