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You Can Now Register for the 2019 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

And You Should

You’ve probably heard of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at this point. If you haven’t it’s the largest charity ride for men’s health in the world. The ride is a worldwide event that raises money to battle prostate cancer and suicide in men. It’s about helping men live happier and healthier lives. 

The DGR will happen in 700 cities across the world on September 29th. The ride is themed and should you want to participate, you’ll need to prep your finest suit and dust off the vintage bike in your garage. The DRG is all about vintage style both in terms of motorcycles and people.

There’s a style guide on the DGR’s website that shows you what bikes ride and what you can wear to fit in with the DGR crowd. With so many cities included in the program, you can bet that somewhere near you offers the vintage riding for men’s health you’ve been looking for.

You can check out The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride website for more information on what cities are included and what you need to do to get registered and participate. Below is a promotional video that gives you an idea of what the ride is all about.