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Yamax Z400 Is a Rip-Off Kawasaki Z1000

It Lacks the Performance

Yamax Z400

There’s knock-off just about everything these days, including motorcycles. RideApart noted an interesting bike that is a very clear clone of a Kawasaki Z1000

The bike is called the Yamax Z400. From far enough away, it looks exactly like the Kawasaki motorcycle. Upon closer scrutiny, however, the Yamax Z400 is nothing of the sort.

The motorcycle features only a 400cc parallel-twin engine, though it’s packaged in a way to really make it look like the bike is all that the Z1000 is.

The motorcycle features a 96 mph top speed and appears to be built in China. The bike is currently for sale at a Moroccan motorcycle dealership, and I don’t see it being offered in many other markets at this time.

The motorcycle is currently offered at 38,900 Moroccan Dirhams, which is about $4,230 USD. If I were in the market for a 400cc machine, I’d rather look to the Kawasaki Z400 for only about $700 more.

The Yamax Z400 is proof that knock-off motorcycles are everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kawasaki reach out to the owners of Yamax about some kind of infringement.