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Yamaha’s FZ-S Lineup Gets Bluetooth Connectivity

Yamaha FZ-S

Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X

In India, Yamaha has a new Bluetooth connectivity feature for some of its motorcycles, according to GaadiWaadi. The FZ-S lineup gets what the company is calling Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X.

This new connectivity feature will provide riders with a lot more data about their motorcycle and the rides they go on. They will stay connected to their machine to see info and track where the motorcycle has been ridden and route history. 

To me, the true appeal of this Bluetooth connectivity feature is the added security benefit that comes with it. Users can see where their bike is and find it more easily in congested parking areas. They will also be able to see if it’s moved, and where to. There’s also a remote locking system that will help keep potential thieves from moving the bike in the first place.

The security and convenience features will blink the indicator lights to let you know where the bike is in a congestion parking area. The lights will also blink if there’s an alarm tripped and the horn will go off. Overall, it sounds like a great system that I’d like to see included on more of Yamaha’s bikes.