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Yamaha’s 2024 WR450F

Light, Lean, and Lickety-Split

A view of Yamaha's newly-revised 2024 WR450F. Media sourced from DirectMotocross.
A view of Yamaha's newly-revised 2024 WR450F. Media sourced from DirectMotocross.

Yammie’s given us a completely reworked machine to toot the marque’s proverbial horn on their weight-to-speed ratio!

Meet the 2024 WR450F, Yamaha’s fastest 450cc enduro machine yet. If we’re talking sheer TLC, this baby features quite the docket, including the following perks: 

  • The same engine as the YZ450F, including “39mm-diameter intake valves, a new piston, connecting rod, revised bearings, optimized crank mass inertia and a dry sump oil tank with integrated generator cover” (via DirectMotocross)
  • The same drivetrain as the YZ450F, including a lighter, more compact disc spring clutch and lighter, stronger, wider main shaft gears
  • A tweaked ECU that optimized traction at low speeds and ensures prime yank at middling to fast tempi
  • A (15mm) lower, Controlled-Fill aluminum bilateral beam chassis with rigidity balance specs and engine mount points tuned specifically for the WR450F
  • A flatter, rounder seat for an uptick in riding freedom
  • Lean bodywork for more agile handling
  • KYB suspension, featuring tool-free compression damping adjustability (here is where the lower seat height and center of gravity really pay off)
  • A lightweight Lithium-lon battery
  • Lighter throttle wires, footpegs, as well as “rear wheel, hub and brake assembly”
  • 258lbs wet – a 4.4 lb. savings over the previous WR450F
  • Power Tuner app supports things like “race log recording, live bike monitoring, running time and maintenance logging, diagnosis, and more” (via Yamaha Motor)
  • A new bashplate
  • New rear fender

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We’re told that the 2024 WR450F will be hitting dealerships in a sweet Team Yamaha Blue as of November for an MSRP of $10,199 USD. If you’re looking for the WR250F, expect MY2024’s unit to be available in the same month, and to be priced at an MSRP of $8,999 USD. 

What do you think of Yamaha’s newest enduro competitor?

*Media sourced from DirectMotocross*