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Yamaha Star Venture takes on Goldwing

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Yamaha has released the Star Venture tourer in the US with electric forward and reverse for parking to tackle the Honda Goldwing.

There are no plans for the full dresser to be sold in any other market.

Yamaha Motor Australia spokesman Sean Goldhawk says it’s “not for us”.Yamaha Star Venture tourer

It would be a great tool for intercontinental touring but those Goldwing and H-D models are well entrenched in their markets. And the original Venture didn’t sell in big numbers here,” he says. However, it’s a “different story in the US” which is a huge market for tourers.

The bike is based on the current XV1900 Roadliner cruiser, which is already sold here and costs $24,399 plus on-road costs. Read our Roadliner review.

In America, the Venture costs $US24,999, or $US26,999 for the flagship TC version

It’s immediate competitors with electronic reverse are the Goldwing at $A35,999 and the new BMW K1600GTL now with electric reverse at $A42,500.

At 1854cc, the Star Venture would have the biggest capacity of those three, even though it’s only a twin and the 1832cc Honda is a flat six and the 1649cc BMW has a transverse inline six.

While no power figures are given, it has 170Nm of torque compared with the Wing at 167Nm and the BMW at 175Nm.

As a V-twin it would also compete with the big Harley and Indian tourers, but neither of them has reverse.Yamaha Star Venture

Electric legs

In fact, the Venture has electronic forward as well as reverse. It’s called “Sure-Park” and it helps drivers inch the massive tourer into position.

Big tourers require plenty of luxury and gadgetry. In that regard, the BMW is the clear winner, especially on electronics.

However, the Venture does include riding modes, traction control and cruise control and matches it with others on comfort and luxury.

It includes a seven-inch LCD touch screen infotainment centre that controls the audio; heated seats, backers and bars; phone calls and texts; optional sat-nav; pillion communication; and trip computer functions that include a tyre pressure monitor.

It also has USB charging ports, electronically adjustable windscreen, LED quadruple headlights, electronic luggage locking and adjustable backrests for rider and pillion.Yamaha Star Venture

Like the Roadliner, the Venture is belt driven, while the BMW and Honda are shaft drive.

The TC model includes GPS, satellite radio for America, LED driving lights and separate audio controls for the rider and passenger.Yamaha Star Venture tourer

  1. Yamaha Aus say’s it not for us, Goldwing and HD are well entrenched because its your only choice.
    I will soon be in the market for a new touring bike and was willing to wait when i read of the new Yamaha venture, now it looks like HD will get my money after all.

    1. Aircooled is their a fan under the fairing or a large oil tank to keep the temperature down

      1. With a aircooled engine is their a large oil Reservoir and or a fan under the fairing

    2. Don’t do it! GOLDWING is so much turbine smoother, powerful and trouble-free. My wife and I pulled a 250kg camper trailer around America for 40,000k’s with nary a hint of concern.

  2. Where did you get your information?
    The venture is belt-driven and it weights over 400kg.

    1. Are you referring to the new 2018 “Venture” ? The original Ventures, starting production 1983 and ending 2014 are all 4 cylinder, 4 valve DOHC liquid cooled V4s with shaft drive.
      Many people think the “new” bike should never have been called a “Venture” since it has none of the properties of the original bikes, namely air cooled V2 belt driven.

  3. Well, Yamaha finally caved in. I rode my ’84 Venture Royale until 2004 and it was, of course, FOUR CYLINDERS! I enjoyed my 2007 Royal Star Venture, but I really still preferred that 1200 cc “84. The Venture went for years with that outdated cassette player, no fuel injection, and a myriad of antique features, but it had that sweet V-4 engine. Just kick it up to around 1800 cc’s and it would give the new Venture an edge of uniqueness over the V-twins. But no-o-o-o-o, it has to be a two cylinder I will never own a v-twin Venture, it just doesn’t seem right! YAMAHA, YOU BLEW IT!!!

  4. The Yamaha V4 package in the Gen I and Gen II Ventures were never popular in Oz, difficult to understand why since it’s a well proven power plant in the US and Europe, starting in 1984 and ending production in 2014 having spawned the iconic Vmax during this time. The Gen I Mk2 Venture being very popular amongst the “Iron Butt” riders in the US (that’s the 1000 miles a day ‘touring’ club) with many bikes running over 200,000 miles before rebuild.
    The “new” Star Venture uses the already available Stratoliner / Roadliner V twin air cooled dry sump pushrod donk with some modifications to the heads. There seems to be quite a bit of disappointment in the ranks that after waiting for 3 years and numerous surveys about whar Yamaha riders wanted in the new bike, that Yamaha abandoned the V4 and joined the already well populated V twin market. I’ll be sticking with my 2005 Star Venture for the next several hundred thou Kms.

  5. Very interested in the new Venture until I read that Aus won’t be getting them, looks like a Goldwing for us!

  6. HI, I have purchased a 2001 Yamaha Venture 1300 project bike…am chasing some second hand parts without a great deal of success…even in the US market. Can get parts new but the freight from the US to Australia is a killer. Does anyone know any Yamaha wreckers or second hand part dealers that may have parts for these bikes? If so that would be fantastic. Cheers Stu

    1. I have rebuilt a couple of Gen II Ventures and several Vmaxes with parts sourced overseas and know these bikes quite well. I might be able to help, give me your contact and we can have a chat about your bike.

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