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The Yamaha Lineup Is Diverse and Interesting in 2020 Yamaha’s lineup of motorcycles gets more interesting every year. The company has made headlines with the Niken in the past and this year they added some new models to the lineup. The high-powered motorcycles are at the peak of the performance spectrum. The company has several …

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Yamaha Supersport Bikes

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Yamaha Sportbikes & Naked Sportbikes

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Yamaha Standard Motorcycles

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Yamaha Cruisers

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Yamaha Adventure Touring Motorcycles

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Yamaha Touring Motorcycles

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Yamaha Scooters

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Bezzi Tenere 700

Looking Good Motorcycle designer Oberdan Bezzi and custom motorcycle shop Gessi Motociclette have teamed up to create a true rally ready version of the new Yamaha Tenere 700. This will be more than just a fancy livery on the bike, which should help make it a truly tough and adventure-ready machine. Bezzi is well-known in …

yamaha xt 500 h2o concept

Looking Back and to the Future at the Same Time The Yamaha XT 500 was an awesome enduro that was basically indestructible. With minimal maintenance, you could cross about anything. Yamaha wanted to imagine an XT 500 of the future so it commissioned motorcycle designer Maxime Lefebvre to imagine one. After three iterations he came up …

Cruisers under $15,000

Ready to Cruise Around? Cruisers aren’t the massive sellers they used to be. However, manufacturers still sell a lot of them, which is why the cruiser style is still a big part of the industry. A lot of these machines are high-dollar bikes, but they don’t have to be. You can get a wonderful cruiser …

yamaha electric motors

Want to Build and Electric Bike? I’ve often wondered how hard it would be to convert an internal combustion engine motorcycle over to an electric bike. Yamaha wants to make it easier and has now showcased some electric crate motors.  The video went up on the company’s YouTube channel and shows some killer looking electric …



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