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Yamaha Upped the MT-09’s Engine Capacity for 2021

Yamaha MT-09


The Yamaha MT-09 could get a larger displacement engine for 2021. This news comes from the German publication called Motorrad Online. The publication noted that Yamaha, as a result of making the bike Euro 5 compliant, has given the MT-09 a small increase in displacement. 

There are documents from the Federal Motor Transport Authority that show the MT-09 is getting more displacement and a small performance increase as part of its Euro 5 upgrades. The stroke volume goes from 847cc to 890cc. With this increase comes a minor bump in horsepower. The motorcycle goes from a 115 hp machine to 120 hp.

It would make sense that the other motorcycles in Yamaha’s lineup that use this same engine would experience the same bump in displacement and power. This would include the Tracer 900, EXR 900, and Niken. 

Not much else should change for the model for the 2021 model year. This is good news the MT-09 is one killer bike and the small bump in displacement and hp is welcomed, especially if it corresponds with it getting better emissions and being Euro 5 compliant.