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World Record Breaker Motorcyclist Adam Sandoval Discusses His Records and Mission

Adam Sandoval

Adam Sandoval Rides and Raises Money for Veterans

Adam Sandoval is known for his multiple cross country tours on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. His mission has always been to raise money for veterans and he started Scootin’ America to make that dream happen. He now owns his own campground and continues to set records riding. Most recently Adam brought back a record to the U.S. He did it with what he called ‘Bring it Home.’ He did an interview not too long ago where he discussed his mission and his successes.

‘Bring it Home’

Adam had tried three other times to beat the record for the largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle parade, and on his fourth attempt, he made it happen. He was able to bring this record back to the U.S. On October 5th, Adam set the record in Paris, Texas.

He teamed up with Paris Harley-Davidson to make that happen. The parade traveled about three miles and it took place at Cox Field Airport. The final count of bikers was 3,497—more than 1,000 more riders than the previous record. Riders in Greece set the previous record.

“Thank you to every one of you who tackled the road to get here, all those who endured the heat and long lines to not only bring it home but also raise so much money for our veterans and first responders,” said Adam

Adam’s Mission

Adam’s mission has been to raise money for veterans and first responders. Spurred by the fact that he never served in the military and always felt like he should, Adam decided one day to use his skills as an entrepreneur and philanthropist to start helping veterans through motorcycling.

His quest to help veterans took him coast to coast 14 times. He also went across the country north and south nine times. He rode a Harley Electra Glide Standard to make that trip happen. With all the miles that Adam crossed, he said that maintenance was a big part of the trip. He had to keep his bike running.

Adam talked about how gasoline at gas stations across the country don’t always have the best quality fuel, and how a fuel stabilizer, like Techron Powersports, and treatment can help keep the gas in your tank from gumming up the engine. He says using a fuel additive like Techron, helps him get better gas mileage and better performance out of his bike.

You can watch the interview below.