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Wizards Black Renew

Wizards Black Renew

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Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Black plastic and trim cleaner
Type: Squeeze bottle, 8 oz. (237 ml)
Manufacturer: Wizards Products
Made In: U.S.A
Retail Price: $12.95

Claims – “Cleans, Renews, Protects all color exterior trim.”
For Use On – “Use to remove old wax and white compound residue from old moldings, bumpers, door handles and mud guards.”
Claimed Features – “Water based polymer emulsion with citrus cleaners, no petroleum distillates or dyes.
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Our Opinions

Wizards makes a product called Vinyl Shine Dressing and Protectant that gives a shiny gloss coat, but we were looking for something that would clean white polish residue from black plastic trim.

Motorcycles of recent vintage seem to have less black plastic trim than they did in the past; for example, hard saddlebags used to come in basic black, but it’s now common to find them painted to match the bike.  So finding a product that restores black trim may not be as much of problem as it once was.

But there are still quite a few of those old black bags out there, and plenty of white polish residue to go around, that’s for sure.  Wizards Black Renew did a very nice job for us in cleaning up some faded trim.

It also completely restored the plastic lip that protects the top of the side walls of my father-in-law’s pickup truck bed liner, which hadn’t been touched since new and were completely white stained with old polish residue.


There aren’t many products of this type that claim to actually clean black trim, and Wizards Black Renew is probably one of the best we’ve tried.

Many other products of this type simply leave a short-term gloss finish on the plastic but don’t really clean it.  So if you’re looking for something that can restore trim, try this.

Score:  4 out of 5

Review Date:  October 2007

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