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Wiha Bit Driver Screwdriver Review

The Super-Handy Wiha Bit Driver

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High-quality, handy little bit driver replaces several screwdrivers in the toolbox.


My wife gets a kick out of my obsessive tool collecting.

“Torx?” she said… “what the heck are those? Isn’t he the tall guy from the Monkees?”

She doesn’t understand. You have to be prepared for every maintenance and repair emergency that could possibly happen.

Sure as heck, one day a Torx screw will show its head in my garage, and I won’t have a driver for it.

What a disaster! The nightmare of every conscientious tool owner!

So even if the chances of needing a Torx T27 are 2.34 zillion to one, I must be prepared!

So it was off to do a web search on “torx drivers”. I couldn’t decide if I wanted “Torx-headed Allen wrenches” or a set of Torx screwdrivers.

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Wiha Bit Driver

Then I came across the Wiha Tools site and decided a bit driver would be just the ticket.

I could have a whole box of Torx bits in the palm of my hand — and I could supplement this with all sorts of flat-bladed, Phillips head and hex bits. I could also use the bits in my portable drill, if necessary.

Wiha makes “professional” tools. These are high-quality tools designed for daily use.

They specialize in drivers — flat-bladed, Phillips, square, Torx, hex — you name it, they’ve got it in every size and shape imaginable.

They also make many styles of pliers and side-cutters and they also make the most incredible variety of tweezers you’ve ever seen.

The Wiha website is relatively difficult to navigate.

There are a zillion drop-down menus to choose from, and each one seems to pop up a new window with a dizzying array of tools.

So it took me a while to find what I wanted and to make sure there weren’t better choices somewhere else on their site. Make sure you check their “sale” section too.

You can download a .pdf file of their entire printed catalog. If you have a high-speed connection, this is probably the way to go, as you can peruse the catalog at your leisure to really find exactly what you’re looking for.

I finally figured out that the Torx and other drivers basically are available in three different configurations.

You can buy them separately, like buying a set of screwdrivers. Or you can purchase the handles, then the blades with whatever tip style you want — Phillips, Torx, flat, square, etc.

Wiha Bit Driver
The package of 6 Torx bits cost $6.48; the problem is, where do I keep them? I ordered a bit holder box that will hold 10 bits. That should be enough for now!

Finally, you can get the handles as either stubby, regular length or long bit drivers, and then select from a huge selection of either individual bits or bit sets to meet your needs.

I started my collection with a cushion grip bit driver set with a magnetic tip.

It consists of the standard 1/4″ drive bit driver (Wiha calls them “holders”), and it comes with flat-bladed (slotted) bits.

Includes are the following:

  •  5.5 mm and 6.5 mm;
  • Four Phillips bits, sizes #0,#1,#2 and #3;
  • A 1/4″ x 2.3″ adaptor that either extends the driver or allows you to chuck the bits in a power drill;
  • And a really nice bit storage box that holds all the bits.

The cost for this set was a reasonable $18.98. If you bought only the driver, it would cost about $11.00, so it’s not a bad deal to buy the set.

Oh, right, I wanted Torx capability for my toolbox too, right? So I bought a “six-pack” Torx bit assortment, which included Torx sizes T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40.

There’s a smaller size set also that I’ll probably get one of these days.

Online ordering is easy and secure. I received an immediate email confirming the order, and the site claims that all orders are shipped within 24 hours.

They charge a flat fee of $5.00 for shipping, with no extra handling charges. Two days after ordering, I had the purchase in my hands.

I really like using this tool — the bits snap very securely into the magnetic holder, and I can carry the small box of bits with me when I’m working around the bike.

By the way, you can also get carbide tipped bits if you’d like — I’m sure they’ll last forever, but they’re pretty expensive.

I liked the product so much I went back to the site a few days later and ordered a bit holder box.

I was kind of disappointed that the largest box you can get only holds 10 bits; I wish they had one that held 20-30 bits.

Oh well… I also ordered a “stubby” bit holder, as the blade on my cushion grip is a bit long for close-in work on the bikes.

All told, the Wiha site is a fun place to visit for tool freaks, the products are high quality, the prices are reasonable and the service is good. And owning the tools makes working on motorcycles that much easier!

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Bit driver box
Here’s the bit holder box that comes with the set – you slide the tray in and out to select a bit. The adaptor fits into the bottom of the tray.
Bit driver tip
Here’s the magnetic tip of the bit holder with a #2 Phillips inserted.
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From “C.B.”:  “I had my brother’s name in the annual family Christmas exchange, and since he was doing a lot of the work on my bike I figured I’d get him the tools to do it (so he’d be done by spring).

He needed metric Allen drivers and Torx sockets, so I did a web search for those terms and found Wiha.

He is a former auto mechanic and tool junkie, so he takes his tools very seriously.

To date, he has had nothing but good things to say about the quality of the Wiha tools he owns, and has made good use of the CD catalog sent with them (and this from a man who previously wouldn’t call it a tool if it was not bought out of the back of a van).

The sockets have the same feel and finish as the truck people’s tools. No affiliation, just happy with price and quality.”