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What’s Norton Motorcycles Up To These Days?

New Range Launch by 2026 and the Partnership that will Make it Happen

A motorcycle sketch.
A sketch of a Norton Commando 961 SP. Media provided by Norton Motorcycles.

Norton’s working on a fleet of “Super Premium” bikes and we could see the results by 2026.

Back on the fourth of this month, we released evidence that Norton was working on a new range of bikes. The news came with proof from Norton’s CEO that the bikes would be “a proper quality product” (hence his reservations in approving the product below):

… the quality [was] not good enough, so I did not sign it off. I’d rather have a proper quality product here than customer complaints, which we cannot afford at the moment at this point of the journey at Norton.

…After re-engineering the old bikes, we started to develop a new product family… if you develop a motorcycle, it takes something between 24 and 40 months.”

– Dr. Robert Hentschel, CEO, Norton Motorcycles

Now, we have further information on that new product range, a fleet that is made possible only by the continued collaboration between Norton and TVS Motors.

A motorcycle event.
Norton’s V4SV in the spotlight at the Norton X Bike Shed Event. Media provided by Norton Motorcycles.

How long until we see Norton’s new motorcycle range? 

Norton’s CEO may have said that new motorcycle development takes “24 to 40 months” in general,  but TVS Motors’ CEO quotes with more specifics on just how long this new product range will take to settle as a solid idea.

We need to have a healthy product line. We are now designing and developing and bringing those products to full fruition and it will take six to eight quarters before we start to fully realize the benefits [of the new product range].

– KN Radhakrishnan, CEO, TVS Motor (AutoCar Pro)
In short, these bikes aren’t showing up anytime soon.
A motorcycle brand employer.
Syranpreet Rai, Norton’s Category Buyer. Syranpreet sources all of the paintwork for Norton’s current motorcycle models. Media provided by Norton Motorcycles.

How much of this new product range is TVS, and how much of it is Norton?

The ket wording here is that “TVS is developing a new motorcycle range under the Norton brand.”

Translating this sentence gives us the impression that TVS will have a significant amount of say on the end product; after all, it’s their $124 million invested into Norton that’s made the product range – and the two-year deadline – possible. 

Tania Gomez, Norton’s Engine Build Operative. Media provided by Norton Motorcycles.

What we know so far about Norton’s incubating motorcycle range

The above sentiments are followed up by an explanation of the product range itself, thanks to Kiran Muralis coverage on AutoCar Pro

[The] new products that are expected to target global markets will be in the super-premium segment, which the company’s management said is a specialized category growing disproportionately in many markets.”

– Kiran Murali, “TVS working on new product lineup for Norton; likely to be ready in 2 years” (AutoCar Pro)

Are you excited to see what Norton (and TVS) come up with for this product range? 

*Media provided by Norton*