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What Do You Store In Your Pockets?


“Travel light” is the motto of most motorcyclists.

However, if you don’t have any luggage – not even a tank bag, tail bag or backpack – you can still store some essentials in your jacket and pants pockets.

Most motorcycle jackets have a host of inside and outside pockets.

Some adventure motorcycle jackets even have a large pouch in the back which are handy fr carrying a wet liner and/or another pair of gloves.

Without making your jacket or pants too heavy, you can carry several essentials with you.


The most important these days is your phone.

Above all, it is a safety device. Make sure the locations services are switched on and that you have shared your position with your partner if you are riding solo.

Your phone is also now a camera, torch, GPS, a handy guide for your travels and can even store your credit cards so there is no need even to take your wallet.

To make your phone even more accessible, you may want to include a mount on your handlebars such as the Quad Lock. The new version will also keep it charged.

Other essentials

I also carry include a tyre pressure gauge, lip balm, sunscreen, Windex, sunglasses rag, multi-tool, earplugs case, headache tablets and my garage remote.

It sounds like a lot, but you can get small and light versions.

Some may be horrified by the above photo which shows the pen-like tyre pressure gauge.

You probably shouldn’t carry a pen or anything similarly shaped as some claim it can stab you if you have a fall.

I’ve never hard of it actually happening and I find the simple pen-like gauge more reliable than digital tyre pressure gauges.

I carry a gauge because service station gauges are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable.

Lip bam and/or a sunburn stick will help prevent your nose, lips and cheeks getting sunburnt.

Find a small spray container and fill it with glasses cleaner or Windex to both clean your glasses and your visor. Also, carry a small sunglasses rag that came in your glasses case.

Over the years, my only regret about riding is that I didn’t wear earplugs until too late.

I now have advanced tinnitus (ringing in the ears) from the 90dB+ wind noise.

So I always wear earplugs and I carry the earplug case they came in so they stay clean when you take them out.

Headache tablets are a must. Riding with a headache is a safety issue as it can lead to fatigue and making the wrong decisions.

If you have a remote control for your garage, remember to keep it in a resealable plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet and fail!

* What do you carry in your pockets? Leave your comments below.

  1. I used to have 2 doz condoms, bottle of Brut aftershave and a spare helmet tied to pillion hand rail.

    The 2 doz condoms are now past the expiry date, the cap on the Brut has frozen on from never being opened and the helmet fell off somewhere long ago ……sigh

  2. What do I carry in my pockets? Actually not much at all, my wallet, my phone, the case for my custom ear plugs and my bike fob. However that excludes all the stuff I carry permanently in my panniers (I ride a 2015 Indian Chieftain). The panniers include a small slime tyre inflator that runs off the bikes power socket, a tool kit, a tyre repair kit, glass cleaner spray and wipes to clean visor, sunscreen and often a small drink container with ice pack. Do I need that much? Probably not, but the tyre inflator has been used when other bikes have had underinflated tyres. The problem with having panniers is you put stuff in them and forget to “cull” occasionally so more junk accumulates.

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