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wBW Triumph Motorcycle News Archive

2009 Triumph News:  2010 Triumph Thunderbird pricing announced  |  Triumph Bonneville SE Intro!  |  Racing parts now available for the Daytona 675  |  Triumph partners with Alpinestars for special motorcycle clothing line

2008 Triumph News:  September 2008 – Triumph announced an expansion of their factory in Thailand, which will produce 130,000+ bikes  |  All new Triumph parallel twins will have electronic fuel injection (EFI) for 2009, according to Triumph.  “Triumph has been able to preserve the classic look of the engine while the technologically advanced internal engine design has been modified to accommodate the EFI update. The fuel injectors have been skillfully hidden by throttle bodies designed to look like carburetors” they said.

2007 Triumph News:   Triumph Daytona 675 wins International Bike of the Year Award  |  Triumph to resurrect the “Hurricane” Hyper-Sportbike, this time as a GT touring bike for 2009 but with unique new styling  |  2007 Triumph model changes and pricing!  |  UK Triumph owners are reporting snapped spokes on some Bonnevilles; check with your dealer for more information  |  2007 Triumph Tiger and information on the 2007 Triumphs

2006 Triumph News:  wBW photos of the Triumph Scrambler and Daytona 675 triple!  |  Avon announces Azaro ST street tire sizes for the Triumph Tiger and adventure touring bikes  |  Triumph announces 2005 Thruxton Cup champion  |  2005 Ace Café Reunion special report  |  Avon announces Viper sport and supersport tires  |  Triumph announces limited edition Paul Smith Bonnevilles  |  Triumph announces Sprint ST with ABS in the U.S.A.  |  Triumph sets U.S. monthly sales record  |  Revised Sprint is a hit – Triumph reports the first 350 were sold in the UK before production even began, which is 2/3 of the entire 2003 Sprint sales figures!  The new Speed Triple already has 250 firm orders in the UK  |  Triumph goes racing with the Thruxton!  |  New Triumph rumor – the next generation Daytona 650 will be a triple!  Triumph will no longer make 4 cylinder engines  | Check out these photos of Zach’s 1952 Triumph!