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wBW Motorcycle News 2009

Gore “Lockout” 100% Waterproof Closure for Motorcycle Clothing

October 2009 – The Gore-Tex brand is familiar to motorcyclists worldwide, and the company has now developed a new product that has the potential to revolutionize the common zipper closure for motorcycle garments.

Called the Gore “Lockout”, this “closure system” provides a simple, easy to use and durably waterproof closure for motorcycle garments.

Where did the idea for the Lockout system come from?  Gore took the right approach on this, and asked customers what they expected from a closure!

From a motorcyclist’s point of view, the features included criteria like:

  • Easy to open and close, even when wearing gloves.

  • Reliability and durability in all situations.

  • Smooth fit of the two closure elements.

  • Durably waterproof in all types of weather conditions.

  • Weatherproof zipper, even in extreme conditions (wind, cold, heat).

  • Reliable closure which does not catch or jam.

  • No involuntary opening.

Gore Lockout Closure System - Close-up

Gore Lockout Closure Technology

The Lockout system is a new, patented waterproof closure system without teeth for comfortable and protective GORE-TEX motorcycle garments.

It provides an easy to use and durably waterproof closure system that can be applied to the front, pocket and ventilation closures on motorcycle garments.

The Gore Lockout closure technology has a self lubricating, toothless construction that opens and closes easily and delivers 100% waterproof protection, “resisting even the most challenging extreme wet weather”, according to the company.

Gore Lockout Closure System - Logo
This logo will be featured on marketing for all motorcycle clothing using the Gore Lockout Closure Technology.

The system was tested in the laboratory, which proved that the innovation retains its ability to remain waterproof even after multiple thousands of opening and closing cycles (it was tested to 2,500 cycles).

It was tested at 100% waterproof protection, resisting water pressure of 3 PSI (0.2 bar) for 3 minutes.  Field testing further confirmed that this new, unique innovation will allow motorcyclists to enjoy their wet weather days in complete waterproof comfort.

The toothless design of the Gore Lockout system also eliminates snagging and the risk of garment damage through entanglement.  The ease of use makes this closure system extremely desirable to motorcycling garment manufacturers, as does its unique appearance.

The metal slider smoothly interlocks the two double channeled polymer tracks to create a visually distinctive flat front finish that immediately differentiates the garments.

This unique look offers designers more creative freedom, especially as the system can be used to great effect on pockets and ventilation systems as well as the front closure of the jacket.

With more design creativity and significantly increased garment functionality, the new Gore Lockout closure technology has already been heralded as a great innovation with motorcycling brand leaders already committed to using the new system in their ranges including Rukka, Alpinestars, Biker’s Comfort in Action, Hein Gericke, Held, Klim, Motoport and Rev’it!

For more information on the Gore Lockout Closure system, contact Gore at 1-800-GORE-TEX.

wBW Video: Gore Lockout Technology

Depending on the jacket design, the new Lockout closure technology can enable direct ventilation, which may be adjusted whenever necessary by simply opening or closing the extremely smooth running closure system.

Consumers have compared Gore’s innovation with traditional closure systems and have stated the following:

The new Gore Lockout Closure Technology is (according to Gore):

Gore Lockout Closure System on Motorcycle Riders

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From “B.K.” (May 2012): “I have a Held Tortona winter jacket which has the Lock-Out zip. Contrary to “B”, this is probably the jacket’s best feature for me.

Every other jacket I’ve worn was not waterproof or even properly windproof at motorway speeds; water always got in at the zip, so that I had to wear another rain jacket on top of my gear if riding for long in very wet weather, or near-freezing temperatures.

It’s definitely a pain to lubricate the zip; I put on the jacket about twice a day, and need to lubricate it around once a month or it gets stiff (rather than jamming or sticking, at least with that lubrication interval). It takes about a minute to spray some silicone oil onto a paper towel and run it down both zip halves, much easier than the fiddly Edding silicone applicator pen I got free with the jacket.

If you don’t regularly ride in heavy rain or the cold, I can understand finding the need to lubricate more trouble than it’s worth. And I wouldn’t trust the zip under heavy load – the kind of stretch indicated by “B” when crouching with his trousers.

But if you’ve been annoyed by big damp patches on your stomach or chest from water pooling in creases and folds, then working around flaps and through zips, the lock-out system is a solution that works.”

From “B” (12/10):  “I thought I would comment on the Gore lockout closure system. I have the Klim adventure suit and the only thing that lets it down is the zip system, so much so that I would not recommend the suit to anyone else because of the zip system. It is useless in real world, there is no other way to state it.

Unless you keep it lubed with silicone it sticks and wont close or open correctly, constantly jamming, what other jacket requires the zip to be lubed on a regular basis?

The zips on the trousers pop open when crouching to say pack up a tent etc, the zip pull broke in less than a week, its a shame as is spoils what in every other respect is the best bit of bike kit I have ever worn.

However for me regardless of how good a piece of kit is I would never again buy anything with these closures, they are such a pain in use that it out weighs all the positive aspects of the clothing.

I would advise anyone to steer clear, of any item with this system fitted, it simply does not work well. It does not matter that it may or may not be more waterproof than its competition, it is such an unpleasant thing to use in it application, I would rather have a more robust, easier to operate and maintenance free zip that was not waterproof at all and put up with that rather than this closure system.”