Watch the New Kawasaki ZX-25R at Jerez

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Watch and Listen

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is a new model from the company, and it’s one of the most interesting. The bike is a 250cc sportbike but it’s a four-cylinder inline engine. The tiny four pot’s cylinders get 62.5cc of displacement each. That’s like four little scooter engines working together. Yes, please.

The motorcycle engine is designed to really scream, too. The bike can rev up to a 17,000 rpm redline, which is high even by sportbike standards. The little screamer should be a true riot out on a racetrack, and Kawasaki recently put together a video at the Jerez circuit to showcase the bike. The video is short and it doesn’t show any real new info, but you do get a chance to see the bike in action and hear its engine.

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more shriek from the four-pot. It sounds good but it’s not the crazy blood-curdling scream I was expecting from the thing. That said, I have no doubt with the right exhaust you could get the exhaust note you really wanted. Kawasaki promises more footage in the future. So, stay tuned to the company’s YouTube channel for more. I’ll also be sharing it once it pops up, so you can always just come back to Web Bike World.


  1. Mark P.
    April 14, 2020

    It’s like Tokyo in 1995 all over again, back when we had cool 4 cylinder 250s with 20,000rpm redlines…bikes like the Yamaha FZR250RR, Honda CBR250RR, Kawasaki ZXR250, etc.

    • April 15, 2020

      Mark, I’m pretty excited about some 4 cylinder 250cc bikes. I want to see more of them.

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